Italy – Operation Ixodidae: report on the trial and comrades’ declaration.


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On 27th February in the court of Trento we were acquitted of the charge of ‘conspiracy with purposes of terrorism’. The prosecutor had demanded from 3 years and 4 months to 5 years, but his clumsy house of cards collapsed. So Massimo was freed. On the following day his other ordinance of remand in custody expired (issued by the court of Turin for the incidents in Chianocco, i.e. the kicking out of a TV troupe from a NO TAV block in the Susa valley on 29th January 2012). After six months Massimo got his ‘freedom’ and also his fighting place back (just for a change… like many others, he’s banned entrance to the Susa Valley).
We are once again together thanks to the solidarity of the many comrades who have been close to us. To them our gratitude and see you on the streets or on the roads of revolt and mutual aid.
Our thoughts go to the comrades and brothers still in prison.
Here follows our declaration to the court:
Declarations of the anarchists on trial in Trento
According to the game of the parties on which the State justice is based you accuse us and we come here head down in order to defend ourselves. But we don’t accept your game because we don’t recognize the State and the game is visibly rigged.

If we had to face specific charges supported by so called evidence, this trial would have never started. And it’s not us who say this. It is the court papers that say this.
In the ordinance of remand in custody that is still holding one of us under house arrest ‘the reasons presented by the prosecution, which limits itself to simple abstract considerations’, are defined ‘obscure’. The request for arrest made by the prosecution reads: ‘It must be assumed that circumstantial evidence relating to the crime of association can be deduced from pieces of evidence relating to the crimes-objectives, even when such circumstantial evidence is considered insufficient for the exercise of the prosecution of these crimes.’ In even more clear terms: an association ‘is an indispensable assumption to assess correctly and develop as “circumstantial evidence” certain facts that would otherwise have neutral value as evidence.’
In other words, without the inexistent association, for which the Digos of Trento even invented a name (‘G.A.I.T.’, ‘Trento Insurrectionist Anarchist Group’), what prosecutors Amato and Ognibene have in their hands is easy to find: nothing. And this is true in spite of the colossal technological control device they have displayed: 148,990 telephone calls, 10 thousand recordings, 18 thousand IT communications, 14 thousand GPS data, 92 thousands hours of CCTV video, 12 thousand photographs.
After all, the investigators themselves say they don’t have either evidence or serious proofs to establish who carried out the anonymous actions we are accused of. The existence of an association would be deduced by these actions, and we would be its members. In turn our participation would be deduced by the actions. And so on, like a kind of logic short circuit.
We are quite a trouble for their theorems. The law code defines a subversive association as a ‘group formally distinct from its single participants’, i.e. an organization lasting over time and having an organization chart, roles, etc. All these characteristics don’t fit the informality, horizontality and affinity that have always characterized our relations as well as those of many other comrades. In fact, Digos and prosecutors tried it in great style, defied both grammar and history and speculated about a ‘pyramidal and hierarchical’ organization, which is compatible with… miracle!… anarchist spontaneity’.
 The theorists of ‘GAIT’ are Digos and prosecutors, not certainly us. ‘GAIT’ doesn’t actually exist for the simple reason that it can’t exist in principle. A pyramidal and hierarchical organization, with its leaders, subjects, cashiers and labourers, is the very negation of anarchist idea, ethic and practice. These roles and the miserable world they carry with them exist within the prosecution palaces, the armies, the institutions of the State and capitalist society, not within those who want to destroy all this. An organization where individuals are interchangeable tools would kill our ideas and dreams even before revolution begins. When you talk about us you always think you are looking yourself in the mirror. But we are the disorder of your dreams, the living negation of your unjust, boring and meaningless world. We are among those who don’t obey because they refuse to give orders. We are among those who would never swap their place with yours in a courtroom.
The game is rigged, we have said. Not because this trial is more ‘unjust’ than many others but because the judiciary is not at all a neutral institution of society but the instrument of the dominion of a minority over the rest of the population, of the exploiters over the exploited, of the rich over the poor; an institution faithful over the centuries [one of Mussolini’s catchphrase, TN], as can be seen from the very name given to the police-judicial operation set up against us. You know better than us who used the term ‘ticks’ [Ixodidae is the Latin for Italian ‘zecca’, which means ‘tick’, TN]  to indicate communists, socialists, anarchists – and of little use was the ridiculous latinorum with which you have concealed your fascist language. After all, the article of the code you used to arrest us comes right from that epoch and school (as your colleagues also did with thousands of other comrades); an article that your fine democracy has been making more serious for the last thirty years. Do not the data relating to the sentences inflicted by the Special Tribunal for the Defence of the State founded by Mussolini coincide with those of the trials for ‘terrorism’? Here is the magic word.
The State of Portella della Ginestra [a State massacre that took place in Sicily in 1947], Piazza Fontana, Piazza della Loggia, the station of Bologna, the Italicus train, Ustica, etc [all places where State massacres cost the lives of hundreds of people, TN] is accusing us of ‘terrorism’, i.e. ‘blind and indiscriminate violence whose goal is to conquer and consolidate political power’ (this is the definition that could be found in dictionaries up to the seventies). The State of the bombing of Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya is accusing the anarchists of wanting to ‘coercively affirm’ their principles. The State of Piazza Alimonda, the Diaz school, Bolzaneto [all places that witnessed brutal police violence], Pinelli, Serantini, Lorusso, Cucchi, Aldrovandi, Bianzino, Lonzi, Mastrogiovanni [all murdered by cops] and too many others is accusing us of ‘intimidating the population’.
In the real world, which can’t been seen from the keyhole from which you spy over us and our struggles, millions of exploited, poor, excluded are being intimidated, terrorized, poisoned, killed every day by the social order you defend. In Italy only, every day four workers don’t go back home and every year one hundred and sixty people die in those jails where you imprisoned us a number of times and where we met the solidarity of fraternal individuals who are certainly more sane than you.
In this daily war waged by the bosses you would like that nobody turned their rage against banks, job agencies, technologies of control, instruments of death and eco-devastation. Anger is the only capital that the exploited have accumulated over the course of history. And perhaps is not distant the day when you’ll find it very difficult to accuse a bunch of anarchists for what scares you; the day when it will be the poor and subjected people who will become a big ‘subversive association’.
But let’s go back to the papers. As you were rushing to fulfil the wishes of the home secretary, you definitely let yourself go. You accuse two of us of having orchestrated and led the clashes of 3rd July 2011 in the Susa Valley. We are among the NO TAV resisters, and not just since yesterday, this is true. But there were four thousand people besieging the TAV fortress-yard in Chiomonte on 3rd July 2011, and not ‘about 500 anarchists’ as you shamelessly wrote in your papers. Curiously, the prosecution of Turin is not accusing us of any specific offence as to that day, whereas according to the prosecution of Trento we would have planned it all. It would be useful to you to substitute a population in struggle, who have been opposing the high speed devastation of their land for twenty years, with a bunch of ‘ticks’; ticks to be disinfested preferably using that CS gas of which police, carabinieri and financial police shot 4,357 canisters on 3rd July. The NO TAV movement has already replied ‘we are all black bloc’ to journalists and judges, but the autonomy and horizontality of a struggle for the land, for dignity and freedom, this is something you really can’t tolerate.
The Digos goes as far as to write that for us the participants to the NO TAV committees would be just ‘straw men’ and the movement ‘a reservoir of human resources to be used’. There are no words to comment such an effrontery. Only the men of the State and capitalists consider people as ‘a reservoir of human resources to be used’, not certainly the anarchists. And aren’t servants ‘straw men’ for those who give them orders? Look at the footage of the Diaz school, where your colleagues even slaughtered old people as the latter were laying on the floor, and ask yourselves of what material those men are made of.
Between your fabrications and the reality of a struggle like that of NO TAV where comrades have put their whole hearts, there is an abyss – ethical, human and social.
But the Digos went as far as to accuse us of having cynically exploited the death of Stefano Frapporti, a 49-year old builder arrested by two carabinieri in plain clothes and found dead in the cell number 5 of the prison of Rovereto five hours later. Hundreds of people – family, friends and many people in solidarity – demonstrated their anger for months in the town. We have already been charged for not having turned on the other side while the investigation on Stefano’s death was being dismissed, as usual. All this has disappeared from the police papers (just as thousands of people who fought in the Susa Valley on 3rd July 2011 have disappeared): only a ‘small drug dealer’ and the ‘exploiting’ anarchists are left. The ‘Frapporti-Cabana’ circle created a few metres from the place where Stefano was arrested on that bloody 21st July 2009 is the best response to your insults to intelligence and dignity.
Your space-time is not ours. While we are here we are thinking of the rebel youths who are fighting in the streets of Cairo. We are thinking of those women and men in Greece who have rebelled to live without State or bosses. We are thinking of the young people sentenced to years in prison for having fought in Genoa in 2001 and in Rome in 2011. We are thinking of those women in India who have revolted against macho and police violence. We are thinking of all the women and men who died in the Mediterranean killed because they were looking for some bread and freedom. We are thinking of the Palestinian kids with beautiful eyes and big hearts. We are thinking of our comrades and brothers who are resisting high head in prisons and concentration camps all over the world. We are thinking of the four comrades arrested and tortured by the police on 1st February in Greece. We are thinking of all the kids beaten up in your barracks and jails. We are thinking of all the waged slaves of Chinese militarized factories and labour camps. We are thinking of the animals, woods, valleys and mountains that your bulldozers and profits are devastating.
We are thinking of this and we don’t want to be ashamed when one day someone asks us: ‘What were you doing while all this was happening?’ We would like to be able to answer: ‘We were giving our little contribution with our mind, heart and hands.’
We are your unexpected setback, the variable not covered in your calculations.
We come from far away and we have the same dream that animated the farmers who rose up in Germany in 1525: omnia sunt communia – as you like Latin so much.
Go on and pronounce your sentence. We are flying higher.
Trento, 27th February 2013

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