Anarchist intervention at the speech of the Mayor of Athens at the LSE in london – uk


Actforfreedomnow/ receives and transmits:
On the evening of Monday March 4th, the Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis spoke at the London School of Economics at an event of the hellenic society on “exiting the crisis”. The mayor had the nerve to speak about exiting the crisis — even though he knows perfectly well that his policies during all these years have only deepened the crisis for everyone except those included in his purified vision of citizenship. This, at a time when the scum of his municipal police chase, rob and assault migrant street traders, at a period when the murder of Cheikh Ndiaye in Thiseio, Athens, bears his signature, a few months after the eviction of Villa Amalias and Kaminis’ care to give additional ground to the Golden Dawn and the Nazis of Agios
Because his vision for a clean Athens reeks of blood and pogroms. Because exiting the crisis presupposes the curtailing of demonstrations and mobilisations, the repression of squats and an end to “anomie”, as the mayor has been repeatedly requesting since the commencing of his term. Because, then, exiting the crisis for him means “taking out those who resist and who are incompatible with my vision”, around 35 comrades decided to remind him that he won’t be at ease anywhere…

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