Spain – Claim of attacks on a bank and on church institutions


fonte: ContraInfo
traduzione: Kōtoku
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now/B.pd
We don’t need any rhetoric to explain the reasons why to attack a bank branch. Anyone can add their reasons.
December 20, with the complicity of the night.
A coffeepot with gunpowder and screws.
Three gas canisters stuck with scotch tape.
On the same day we decided to let our imagination go and sent two explosive vibrators to the bishop of Pamplona and to the director of an elitist college belonging to the Christ’s Legionaries. The parcel sent to the college caused minor injuries to a postal clerk who was handling it.
We apologize for the inconvenient.
Next time we won’t fail.
We are getting closer.
Circle of the Craftsmen for a New Use of Coffee (occasionally spectacular) FAI/FRI
Anticlerical Group for the Promotion of Sexual Toys FAI/FRI

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