Arson against Siemens-Fujitsu-Cytec building – Brussels – Belgium


BRUSSELS – In the night of Sunday 10 March to Monday, an office building in Anderlecht was put on fire, says police of the zone Brussels-Midi.
In the building are located the companies Siemens, Fujitsu (specialised in computer technology) and Cytec (chemical company).
The fire was put on three different places, which leaves no doubts about the criminal origin of the fire.
The fire was noticed around 3 ‘o clock in the morning and had spreaded inside the fake ceilings and isolation of the walls, which made the work of the firemen particulary difficult.
Their intervention took 4 hours. Next day, employees of Cytec and Fujitsu were not able to come to work in the building.
Marie Verbeke, spokesperson of the police, declares “As the isolation material was burning, it provoked a dirty smoke column.
The fire was difficult to put out. Firemen even had to break windows and make holes in the walls of the building.
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