Italy- Update on prisoner on struggle Maurizio Alfieri


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
We receive and transmit an update on Maurizio Alfieri:
From the latest letters sent by Maurizio we learn that the General Director of the Prison Service moved him to the prison of Terni as he would be an ‘individual difficult to deal with’ and that he is now being held alone in the solitary confinement unit and subjected to art. 14bis. ‘I will always struggle for my rights everywhere I am, without fear and with my head held high and the General Director of the Prison Service should never forget that. Until I get my rights I will continue to spread word on what is going on, no matter if they send me to Sicily or Africa.’ ‘Warm greetings to all the comrades and tell everybody that their solidarity warms my heart up even if I don’t have heating, I’m in the darkness and chained. I send a hug to all those who are close to me, one by one.’

He adds that he can’t wait for the demo to be held on March 30 [outside the prison of Terni] along with other demos to be held outside the Tolmezzo and Saluzzo prisons.
Maurizio is refusing to go to the exercise yard owing to his health conditions: in spite of his knee osteoarthritis, they don’t allow him to work out and the prison doctor turned Maurizio’s bronchitis, which the same doctor had diagnosed a few days earlier, as simple ‘cough.’ These are episodes of normal prison indifference, but the special treatment reserved to Maurizio adds to them. His mail is systematically made disappear (now it is also subjected to censorship). A guard tried again to frame him up by proposing him some drug smuggling, which Maurizio firmly rejected. As concerns article 14bis, it has been applied owing to the charge (which the court of review had quashed) of ‘attempted escape.’ In fact, the same regime was applied (along with other daily episodes of reprisal) to Valerio, who was moved to Piacenza from Tolmezzo.
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