Italy – Solidarity with anarchist comrade Sergio


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd A big flame hug to anarchist fighter sergio!
We receive and transmit:
A very determined comrade has been on hunger strike for more than 40 days in order to get visits with his partner. Obviously it is much more difficult to make one’s voice heard inside a jail in order to achieve one’s claims than it is outside, and even more so in a unit, the AS2, which was created specifically to confine those who struggle against this infamous world and to prevent them from organizing themselves along with other prisoners in the struggle inside the prison.
One of the few possibilities left to the rebels detained in high surveillance regime is to make recourse to their bodies as a battlefield, to refuse food as an attempt at putting the enemy in trouble and hoping it gives up.
On March 4 a request for visits between Sergio and Katia was submitted to the court of Milan. The judge in charge is taking his time to announce a response, which is very likely to be negative, as the same judge has pointed out that Sergio’s health conditions continue to be good. Never mind if a person hasn’t had any food for one and a half month: those who administer justice, with their typical arrogant cynicism and disgusting and bourgeois indifference towards people, just pass over feeling and suffering. We are not surprised at this: those who can ruin lives by inflicting prison sentences can also carry out any other kind of vile actions.
Perhaps judges and prosecutors have their bellies full thanks to their disgusting job but certainly they don’t have what Sergio has: dignity and the pride of an individual on struggle against an unjust world!
Sergio is carrying on his battle with determination, and his spirit is high in spite of the many days he has spent without food and of his transfer to Ferrara, with all the difficulties a transfer implies.
We think it is imperative for us all to support Sergio at this difficult time! To start with, we can write to him.
Sergio Maria Stefani
C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
Address, fax number and email address of the court of Milan:
Via Freguglia n. 1
20122 Milano
02 – 59902341
To support a comrade on struggle in prison from outside is of vital importance. All the necessary conflicts we deal with in our cities can’t substitute or distract us from sincere solidarity with a comrade who is struggling as best as he can.
Solidarity from comrades is absolutely important as it helps to give sense and keep high the spirit of one who is struggling in a prison, and it can also influence the choices of his hangmen, at least by demonstrating that the comrade is not alone.
It is fundamental that those who decide to struggle inside a jail know that their claims will be supported from outside the prison walls.
Solidarity with Sergio!
Solidarity with Madda, Maurizio and all the rebels who are struggling inside the prison.
Freedom for all!
Cassa di Solidarietà Aracnide

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