New York – Police kill and people revolt


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 On Saturday March 9, just before midnight, two New York policemen killed Kimani “Kiki” Gray outside his house in East Flatbush. According to the killers in uniform, a 16-year old boy would have aimed a 38-calibre revolver at them. But several witnesses refuted they boy had a weapon, even if police managed to place one on the spot of the shooting.
Kiki’s body got riddled with bullets: eleven gunshots were fired in total, seven of them hit the boy, four on his front and three on his back. He died in hospital later on.
The boy had been stopped following “Stop and Frisk”, i.e. police raids carried out in the most deprived suburbs accompanied by extensive body searches motivated by the intention to detect firearms. For three consecutive nights some neighbourhoods of the Brooklyn area revolted against the police, their racist and oppressive practices and their murderous violence.

Hundreds of people clashed with the antiriot cops of NYPD, which declared the neighbourhoods a “frozen area”: a militarized area where “constitutional rights” are temporarily suppressed. The measure had been adopted on previous occasions in New York, namely after the Twin Towers attack and during the eviction of Occupy Zuccotti Park.
Following the recent clashes in Brooklyn, a policeman ended up in hospital after he was hit in the face by a brick, fifty people were arrested, including Kiki’s sister, and some shops were ransacked.  Clashes and ransacking went on for three nights of vigil, self-defence and revenge.
 foto di Kimani Gray

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