Responsibility Claim for the burning of an ATM – F.A.I. – Greece


Translated  by the  imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Whatever can’t be robbed
will be burnt…
 The INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION (FAI-IRF) “Lone Wolf” cell claims the responsibility for the blowing up of an ATM of Emporiki Bank at Galata Trizinias at 04.00am on Tuesday march 4th.
 The purpose of the attack was to expropriate the atm for the strengthening of the new anarchist urban guerilla and the direct action cells. The blowing up of the atm was by the method of Plofkraak (using LPG cylinder that drains the gas inside the safe and ignites-explodes by the use of a battery that activates the ignition lamp). But this time luck was on the side of the enemy. The blast took place as we had calculated, but this atm had a special protection system (insulating material lining the inside of the safe which absorbs an amount of the explosion). So the atm blew up, but we didn’t manage to break into the safe. Then we poured gasoline onto whatever was left and we delivered it to the fire of destruction. From now on, whatever can’t be robbed, will be burnt…

 In this communiqué we chose to publicize some operational details (e.g. Plafkraak method) aiming at the appropriation of the means for direct action by more and more anarchists of praxis. At the same time, in this way we begin a continuous and live dialogue that is not limited to theoretical issues, but sets the challenge of the practical spreading of the heretical art of sabotage and expropriation. We learn through our mistakes and we prepare new hostilities targeting the state and its society…
 Our aim is to launch new predatory raids against the temples of money. By expropriating money from the enemy (banks, bosses) we liberate moments of our lives. We attack the slavish ethic of work that wants us to grovel in front of any chief and boss. We dont ask for more and better wages. We demand more life. And as it is written “you don’t beg for the right to life, you rob it”. Besides, life is not measured in money but in emotions. We don’t rob banks to become rich, but to strengthen the illegal anarchist guerilla formations that promote the continuous insurrection of FAI-IRF. We hate money and its power. We expropriate it only to ignite, through the new anarchist urban guerilla, the destruction of the false idols of economy and the morality of the civilized world…
 We are anarchist individualities that transfer our tears into attack, our thoughts into fire, our desires into a gun, our rage into a comrade.
We are the lone wolves who remain awake in the lethargy of the city.
 We abolish the false ethics of the “space” which disguises anarchy into harmless chatter of social welfare. Through the revolutionary lifestyle of “anarchist” shops, the academic discussions, the alternative cultural centres and the leftist rhetoric about the sympathies of a society that is drawing in its own shit, the only thing that the anarcho-fathers do is to disarm the confrontational nature of anarchy. We have no relationship with these clowns-fake revolutionaries. Besides, for one to become a politician it isn’t necessary to be in a ballot…
 Our rebellion has already begun. We do not expect neither the appropriate conditions nor the mass awakening of the “wretched people”…
 “Enough, enough, enough! Its the time of the social tragedy. We will destroy while laughing, we will set fire while laughing, we will kill while laughing, we will expropriate while laughing. And society will fall… the homeland will fall… the family will fall… and they will fall after the free person is born”
-Renzo Novatore
 We greet all the cells of FAI-IRF and the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Mexico, Russia, Belarus, Netherlands…
 We also send our armed and ready for war solidarity to our imprisoned comrades of the Conspiracy, to Panagiotis (have a good recovery comrade), to George P, to Christos, to Haris, to Gerasimos, to Damiano, to Michalis, to George, to Olga and to anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos.
The Conspiracy burns inside us… We also send our fire and friendship to comrades Alfredo Conspito and Nikola Gai (accused of being part of the Olga Cell-FAI) and to all the Italian hostages that are imprisoned because of the repressive operations of the Italian state.
 We also send a guerilla signal to the Chilean comrade Jose Miguel Sanchez Jimenez who has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for robbery and possession of weapons. Miguel Sanchez recently clashed with 4 guards during a body search control.
 Finally we stand next to the anti-civilization gestures, offered generously by their night-time raids into neighbourhoods of Athens, of the collaboration of ALF-Chaotic.
Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)
International Revolutionary Front (IRF)
Lone Wolf” cell

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