This benefit event is being organized in solidarity with anarchists and rebels imprisoned in various Italian jails for the most diverse reasons.
Let us be clear: solidarity is not a question of fundraising nor can it be confined to a single country. Rebellion doesn’t know any border either, and we also want to extend our love and rebellious rage to the many comrades locked up all over the world. If today we are focusing on Italian anarchist prisoners it is because of the ferocious wave of repression that has been hitting the anarchist movement in Italy for the last year. Only during the summer of 2012, four major police investigations led to the imprisonment of many anarchists, not to mention countless judicial proceedings and restrictions imposed on a number of others.

In a time when the effects of the so called “crisis” are affecting the lives of millions of people, the social peace  imposed by power is being seriously compromised. People are tired of being vexed to the point of no return and are ready to go on the attack. In such a context, anarchist ideas and practices result particularly dangerous to power. These are ideas and practices, theory and action, which have one and only unequivocal object: total liberation and the destruction of all forms of oppression, no matter whether or not we live in times of “crisis”. But during a period of “crisis” people often stop being passive recipients of decisions imposed from above. Anarchists, in this sense, can set an outstanding example in terms of attack, direct action and self-organization of the struggle. That’s why Italian judges and cops are working hard to take them away from the streets. Italian public prosecutors don’t even need any evidence of “crime” to order raids and arrests against anarchists. So if you are a well known anarchist in Italy you can expect your house to be stormed by dozens of armed cops at any time, and you end up in jail for months on end awaiting trial for some police investigation based on inconsistent evidence.
Here follows a list of some of the cases:
Giuseppe LoTurco/ Sergio Maria Stefani/ Stefano Gabriele Fosco/ Alessandro Settepani.
 Accused of committing a series of direct actions whose responsible were never found, these comrades have been held in pre-trial detention since June 2012 following so called operation ‘Ardire’, a judiciary frame-up specifically meant to take all these well-known anarchists out of the streets.
Sergio has been on hunger strike since January 29 2013 as he’s being denied visits with his partner Katia, another comrade investigated in the same operation.
 C.C Via Argione 327
44122 Ferrara
 Elisa Di Bernardo
 Elisa has been held in pre-trial detention since June 2012 following operation ‘Ardire’. Three other comrades, Katia Paola and Giulia, have been recently granted house arrest (see above).
CC Rebibbia Femminile
Via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Rome
Nicola Gai/ Alfredo Cospito
Nicola and Alfredo have been detained since September 2012 and are awaiting trial. They stand accused of having shot and wounded Roberto Adinolfi, the boss of an infamous nuclear power company, in May 2012. There exists no evidence proving they are the perpetrators of this attack, which was claimed by the Olga Nucleus of the Anarchist Informal Federation. It must be said that Roberto Adinolfi’s wounding was very much welcomed by anyone opposing nuclear power in Italy and abroad. 
C.C Via Argione 327
44122 Ferrara
Maddalena Calore
Madda is one of the many NO TAV resisters arrested in January 2012. She was initially granted house arrest and subsequently remanded in custody for allegedly breaking her bail conditions. Owing to her defiant attitude towards the prison guards and the fact she’s been helping her fellow prisoners throughout her detention, Madda has been always inflicted harsh treatment.


CC di Agrigento
Contrada Petrusa
92100 Agrigento

Maurizio Alfieri
Maurizio is a long-term prisoner who is being targeted by the Italian prison system for speaking out in favour of other prisoners and for denouncing the terrible conditions of the various jails he ‘visited’.


Via Delle Campore 32
05100 Terni
Marina Cugnaschi
Marina is serving a 10-year sentence for ‘devastation and plunder’, a charge that Italian prosecutors have devised in order to punish the hundreds of rebels who rioted in Genoa during the G8 summit in July 2001. Carlo Giuliani, a young rebel, was shot dead by a cop on the second day of the summit. At the end of those days of generalized revolt, many demonstrators were beaten up and tortured by the police, while others went on trial and were sentenced last year.


CC Bollate
Via Cristina Belgioioso 120
20021 Milan

Alberto Funaro

 Alberto is also serving a 10-year sentence following the events of Genoa 2001 (see above).
CC di Perugia
Strada Pievaiola 252
06132 Perugia
Davide Rosci
 Davide was sentenced to 6 years following the riots that broke out in Rome on October 15 2011. Initially detained under house arrest, he was subsequently remanded in custody for allegedly trying to escape from house arrest. 


C.C. di Viterbo
Strada Santissimo Salvatore, 14/b



 We don’t give a shit if the anarchists currently in prison are guilty or not guilty of the actions they are accused of. If they are not guilty they can count on our solidarity. If they are guilty they can count on it even more.
Freedom for all!
Fire to all prisons!
 Angry Kids
 All the money raised will help give our imprisoned comrades some temporary relief and will be also used to cover legal expenses. 

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