Responsibility claim for the explosion at Swift Mail – Athens


Translated  by the  imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

On March 10th we did the obvious. We transubstantiated our promises for revenge into action. We placed an explosive device at the entrance of the offices of Swift Mail courier company in Pagrati. The reasons for our attack are simple and clear. Fotini Reklitou who is the wife of the owner of this courier company and works at this shop, on November 1st 2010 with the petit bourgeois and police curiosity that possesses her, opened a parcel, which had been left there by our comrades to be sent to the embassy of Mexico.
Her curiosity led to her injury. Then, like a genuine snitch, she alerted the cops giving a detailed description about who left it and which way they went. Because of her snitching dozens of cops were mobilized, they blocked off the area and surrounded the comrades leading to their arrest.
Since that day Reklitou belongs to the black list of the new anarchist guerilla. Our dignity does not allow us to forget the snitches. So let it be understood to this specific subject that this was only a message. A message targeting all prosecution witnesses in the trial of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, who will lift their fingers and “recognize” the “perpetrators”. They should not forget that at least in older times informers wore hoods, but now we have their names and addresses.

It wasn’t long ago that some other comrades beat up another prosecution witness from a previous trial against the CCF. We are talking about the beating of an anti-terrorist junky cop Bourdoukoutas in Kallithea. Also about a month and a half ago, the shop “To kafeti” in Exarhia which is owned by another snitch who has sued and demanded compensation from an imprisoned comrade of the Conspiracy, was destroyed.
Every identification and every snitching testimony will not be forgotten.
Let us be clear… All snitches, cops, judges and prison guards have hurt or insulted our comrades should know that they will not be forgotten no matter how much time might pass. One night they will have our, undesirable to them, visit with bullets, with bombs, with knuckle dusters…
These last months there has been an effort by the cops and media to fight the new anarchist guerilla. Because of several arrests, they speak of the dismantlement of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Let this attack be another contradiction to their estimates. As it has been said, the Conspiracy is not simply an organization but an idea, and ideas can neither be dismantled nor arrested.
Intact cells will continue to act and attack against the rotten system and the subjugated society that supports it.
 The Conspiracy Cells of Fire is the Hydra of the new anarchonihilist tendency. No matter how many cells are lost in battle, new cells will always appear which will strengthen the network of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) – International Revolutionary Front (IRF) and will continue with more passion the joy of attack and destruction. Because we were born to fight. Nothing else makes us more alive than this life illegality that we have chosen. The war is raging and its time for each one to choose camp.
 This action of ours is dedicated wholeheartedly to our imprisoned brothers and sisters of the Conspiracy, to Panagiotis (have good recovery comrade), to Gerasimos, to Giorgos, to Haris, to Christos, to Mihalis, to Giorgos, to Damiano, to Olga and to aanrchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos.
Until we meet again.
To all the cells of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) – International Revolutionary Front (IRF) in greece, around the world and especially to our brothers in Indonesia.
Nihilistic greetings comrades…
 To the comrades of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Russia, Belarus, Mexico and the Netherlands.
 To the anarchists of praxis Alfredo and Nicola (accused for the Olga cell – FAI) and the Italian brothers and sisters who are hostages in the Italian prisons.
 Finally, with great Appreciation and Respect to the known and unknown brothers and sisters out there, to the lone wolves that prove that an anarchist is not measured in how many books they’ve memorized but from the consistency of their words and actions. We are tired of the “anarchists” who are all words and no action. Either act or shut up…
 With robberies, arsons, executions, bombs, attacks on fascists and cops, you will find us in front of you…
 “We should not conclude a battle, unless we have nothing more to hope for, since by nature the outcome of a battle is unknown, but from the moment the decision has been taken, we ought to win or die” – Manual of War
 We create 10, 100, 1000 cells of the Conspiracy….


 Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front – Intact Cell of Revenge

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