Chile – A letter from comrade Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda


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 Here follows a letter from comrade Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, which he wrote to contribute to the initiative ‘I am against prison’. The initiative was held in the La Mákina squat in Santiago 
 Let’s light the fuse of subversion. Let’s poke the insurgent fire of social revolt. Down with the prison walls!
Prison is the circumstantial destination of anyone who takes control over his/her life and goes ahead on the path of emancipation against capitalist normality that imposes waged labour and the bourgeois education system so that citizens are kept within the limits imposed by capital.
Prison is a place offered by democracy, where normal submission is crystallized. All those who don’t submit and break the social peace of the rich end up there.
Those who commit crimes, protest, attack, conspire and don’t respect the law owing to different choices and decisions find themselves face to face with a system of repression, control and punishment.
I’ve said it one thousand times: in prisons all over the world more than 90% of prisoners belong to the class of the exploited. If we are oppressed and rebel, we inevitably become subversive as soon as we decide to stop acting like slaves.

If you were born poor in Chile you are condemned to end up in one of the 91 jails of the country. These are places highly controlled where everything is meant to cause extermination while society prefers to turn on the other side and to consider punishment inflicted on prisoners as normal administration.
According to the paradox of a sick society which thinks it is right to punish prisoners, today prison is also considered as a company producing services and prisoners as its customers.
It is important to understand that no one is free in a society divided in classes and dictated by commodities and by the democracy of capital. Only by rebelling will we be able to demolish all centres of extermination to the last bits.
There can be no anti-prison struggle without knowledge of the daily tensions occurring inside the jails, without communicating with prisoners on struggle and becoming aware of their constant challenge aimed at breaking isolation and the thick walls of confinement. It is essential to strengthen the relations with subversive prisoners at war with the existent.
It is a question of breaking up fear and indifference. Committed solidarity is an individual and collective need which serves to destroy the convenient and self-satisfying belief that our struggle is temporary and not a proud choice of life we had made after a long time spent in total harmony with our actions.
To multiple all kind of actions and initiatives is a necessity, the necessity to struggle against state-prison-capital and go ahead without limitations.
To insist in the endless search for our freedom means to strike without fear any bits of this rotten society… let’s not allow the wind to blow these words away, let’s turn them into actions…
Open your eyes: it is time for the struggle!
Against state-prison-capital, social war!
Until there is misery there will be rebellion!


Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
Libertarian prisoner
December 14 2012
Modulo 2 -. H norte. CAS-STGO, Chile.

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