Translated by Actforfree/boubourAs
We considered it important to intervene, of course not for the legal defence since it does not concern us even a bit, wanting to state once more our solidarity to anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos, who was arrested on 18/5/11 after an armed clash leaving two cops on the ground injured and unfortunately getting injured himself, a fact which led to his captivity. Watching the testimonies of the cops (Leontopoulos, Drosos) who were crying at the judges about how much pain they experienced and the scrams they made from Theofilos’s hits, a fact that can only bring a smile to an anarchist seeing how easy the roles change and how transforms the victimizer of slavery, humiliation, the protection of institutions, the beatings of immigrants and marginalized, the protectors of the state and capital, of drug dealing, of reproduction of authoritative relations, subjugation and non freedom, into a victim in the hands of an anarchist who fights for life, ignity and freedom.
We were not waiting for the testimony of the cops to defend our comrades choices. Theofilos Mavropoulos from the first moment of his arrest took full responsibility of his actions stressing that he would do it again if needed. Opening fire on the enemies of freedom gave the chance to his comrade to escape with their own cop car. An act which shows how we give meaning to the term SOLIDARITY with all means and TO THE END We state therefore that we in SOLIDARITY with comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos and that we are and will remain next to him. THEOFILOS MAVROPOULOS IS OUR BROTHER, IN PRISON A GUERILLA, IN THE STREETS OUR COMRADE* * a chant heard at the solidarity gathering outside the hospital where the comrade was being treated a few days after his arrest.
Assembly for solidarity to the CCF and those who are persecuted in the same case.

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