Aachen, Germany – On prison, German press and their nostalgia for Gabriel



From RadioAzione                          
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
At the end of January 2013 comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva was moved to Spain after years spent in German prisons.

 But Gabriel has not been forgotten in Aachen. A piece of news reported by the German press tells of a discovery inside the cell where Gabriel was locked up.
According to the German press and the prison governor, in Gabriel’s former cell they allegedly discovered a well concealed hole, where the comrade would hide documents and other material. The headline reads: ‘A hole in the cell… anarchist, did you forget your tools in the cell?’ referring to saws, letters and other objects that were found in the hole.
Once again journalists are demonstrating that they are the armed force of global judiciary, even if they are only armed with pens. Where they judiciary is silent, journalists speak. The same thing happened in Italy not long ago to comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai: forensic examination of the helmets found in their house was negative for the investigators but positive for the press.
Journalists, since you love so much to investigate… be aware of your pen!

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