Switzerland: A communiqué from anarchist prisoner Marco Camenish on Gabriel and the FIES units.


From RadioAzione
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 What follows is an update dating back a month, but we only received it now and decided to publish it, as Marco tries to keep us updated not only on his situation but also on that of other comrades.
 A summary of Gabriel’s situation: Spain 07/03/2013 and update of 26/02/2013.
 Gabriel is in the FIES-2 unit, where ‘particularly dangerous’ prisoners are being detained. Years ago Gabriel had been held in the FIES-1 unit.
Gabriel is not isolated from other prisoners but he can’t have contacts with the outside or make or receive telephone calls. Only his family can visit him. In spite of this shit situation, he’s coping well and he’s strong…
 Just to remind you:

FIES – A prison inside the prison
 FIES (Ficheros de interno de especial seguimento, Internal Files for Special Treatment) were introduced in 1991 in order to clamp down the rebellion of prisoners enduring inhuman conditions of detention. FIES included five categories:
FIES 1: Direct control of prisoners considered as ‘highly dangerous’, i.e. alleged organisers of internal revolts, escape attempts and ‘serious’activities aimed at changing the current prison system.
 FIES 2: Drug smuggling, money laundering, currency smuggling, etc.
FIES 3: Members of armed groups such as ETA, GRAPO and suspected supporters.
 FIES 4: Police officers and prison guards who enjoy immunity in the outside (protection granted by royal decree).
FIES 5: political prisoners of social struggles, riots, etc.
 Gabriel and I (and we hope many others!) would appreciate if protests were made against this situation, for example by sending faxes to Soto de Real Prison, 0034 91 844 78 03/ 0034 91 844 77 12.
 On 26/03/2013 I got news of Gabriel’s transfer from Madrid to Alicante but I still don’t know about the regime he’s subjected to.
 Gabriel’s current address is:
Gabriel Pombo da Silva
Centro Penitenciario Alicante II
Ctra. N-330, Km 66
03400 Villena (Alicante)
 Marco Camenisch, concentration camp of Lenzburg, Switzerland, 27/02/13


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