Switzerland – comrade Marco Camenish writes about the decision of the court of review on Stefano and Elisa’s case (Stefano and Elisa are among the comrades imprisoned following operation ‘Ardire’)


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I receive and transmit:
 I copy and transmit extracts from the 27 pages of the 30/10/2012 court document I received from Elisa and Stefano, where the ‘court of review’ explains its reasons for extending Stefano and Elisa’s ordinance of remand in custody.
 Everything about nothing… (Stefano)
‘The seriousness of the facts, which it is not necessary to explain, the continuation of these facts in the course of time up to the enforcement of the ordinances of remand in custody, the number of investigated people concerned, their commitment to wide international criminal circuits and to the terrorist strategy planned and enacted by FAI, their constant and prominent role: unquestionably all these are signals of high criminal ability, as they express a non occasional dedication to committing serious offences against the State, on both a national and an international level (…)”
“The defendants acted in close and personal contact with well known criminal individuals such as Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Marco Camenish (…)”

“It must be added that this criminal assessment is further confirmed by both total lack of reconsideration the defendants showed of their behaviour and the convictions that Fosco [Stefano] was subjected to in 1992 and 1994 following violation of the rules on conscientious objection and contempt of court. These convictions demonstrate the defendant’s inability to amend his conduct and his continuous commitment to criminal intentions.”
 Elisa: Obviously this document is a copy-and-paste of the original prosecution’s motivations, plus their conclusions… The fact is we never denied the existence of Culmine, as everybody knows. According to them, owing to reasons of social control of course, such motivations become crimes with purposes of terrorism. Here are some of their precious conclusions: “ideological contribution”, “overstepping of the limits of communication and information”, “economic support to anarchists in Chile”, “use of their domicile as centre of communication”, “they did not even change their behaviour after the searches of 29/03/2012… in fact they wrote a communiqué where their informed their comrades of what had happened.”
On the evidence resulting from these facts there’s not much to be said. It is sufficient that “there was no reconsideration of your behaviour, you did not repent and you continue to be anarchists and to organize ‘communication’, i.e. information and solidarity in your house, even in close and personal contact with well known criminal individuals such as Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Marco Camenish”… who obviously are always good pretexts to make up for the absence of substance proving any “crime of association”….
Marco Camenisch, concentration camp of Lenzburg, Switzerland, 27.02.13

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