Information from the appeals hearing of comrades G.Mihailidis, D.Politis and N.Romanos in the frames of their interrogation concerning the C.C.F. Athens


A solidarity gathering for comrades G.Mihailidis, D.Politis and N.Romanos who appeared before special interrogator Mokkas concerning their participation in the revolutionary organization CCF. The comrades although not getting a postponement, did not testify to Mokkas.
 From a legal point of view, based on the indictment that was put together, a fingerprint of N.Romanos was found in the Volos house where the five members of the Conspiracy were arrested (D.Bolano, G.Nikolopoulos, O.Economidou, G.Polydoras, C.Tsakalos). Also, Mokkas will open a second indictment, the content of which we do not know yet. The Kozani indictment was updated for Mihailidis, Politis and Romanos since the charge of forgery was added (more specifically forgery with continuous use for the purpose of preparation of crimes, inclusion and participating in a terrorist organization).
 D.Politis was not detained for the Velvendo case because there is no reason of a second detainment since he is already imprisoned.
 Dimitris Bourzoukos who appeared before the interrogator on Thursday, got a postponement for 11/4.
 Next to the decent anarchists-comrades with rage and conscience.

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