Italy – Communiqué of anarchist prisoner Sergio on why he interrupted his hunger strike


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We receive and transmit a communiqué of Sergio, anarchist prisoner detained in the AS2 unit of Ferrara, on why he interrupted his hunger strike:
On January 29 I decided to undertake a hunger strike after the court of Milan (which has taken up the ‘Operation Ardire’ case) established that I be denied visits with Katia, my partner. I had managed to see her only three times, for a total of three hours, in almost eight months spent in solitary confinement since I was arrested. Today, in spite of the last attempts made by my solicitor, I’ve been denied these visits again.
On March 14, on my forty-fifth day of hunger strike, I made my intention to interrupt the hunger strike known. In the past days my medical records had appeared worrying and the risk of suffering permanent damage and even going into a coma had become an actual possibility. So I preferred not to give such a present to the enemy.

Now I don’t want someone to interpret my act as a defeat. Inside as well as outside, I’ve always been convinced that an individual wins the very moment he decides to act, struggle, attack. Far from any efficiency-quantitative view, victory means to undertake one’s own individual path of liberation. I still believe in direct action and in the choices I will never renounce. Martyrdom and defeat were never my intentions. The struggle fills me with joy and reminds me where my heart is, a heart that beats wildly in the action.
For this reason I want to thank the very few comrades who were close to me from the outside without whining, the brothers and sisters in the world who sated me and gave me the strength of revolutionary fire and solidarity, which they offered me through their attacks; and my “accomplices”, prisoners of war in the AS2 unit of Alessandria, Ferrara and other parts of the world: you were close to me and your words never sounded empty. With you so close to me I would have never fell down.
I’d like to thank many other comrades, but my struggle was isolated, ignored and perhaps deliberately kept hidden.
I know I’m not an easy target for solidarity, so I’m not surprised. But critique must be used to go ahead, to sharpen blunt old weapons and to forge new ones. So I’m glad that in this last period many comrades underwent self-criticism on the lack of solidarity with revolutionary prisoners, and I hope that these considerations will bring about new proposals.
On my part, I want to take this occasion to reconfirm my will of never stopping the struggle and to launch the project for a new Anarchist Black Cross.
For months some of us have been discussing on the necessity of an instrument of solidarity, where solidarity is characterized by the adjective we think has to be rediscovered, re-launched and experienced: solidarity must be revolutionary.
For the rest, recovering from the fourth hunger strike, I simply continue to believe that it is right to rebel.
“Words cannot save us.
Words cannot break up chains
Only action sets us free.
Let’s destroy what destroys us.”
Sergio Maria Stefani
C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

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