Italy – Update on prisoner on struggle Maurizio Alfieri


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 We receive and transmit:
Maurizio Alfieri let us know that since his transfer to the prison of Terni he’s been experiencing problems with his mail. He is sure that solidarity with him was never missing and therefore it is likely that the dramatic reduction of the letters being delivered to him is due to an attempt at isolating him from loved ones.

 “I must tell you that they continue to seize my letters or make them disappear. I say this because I’ve not been delivered letters from comrades for 34 days, which is meant to take me away from all the comrades who struggle against repression along with me. All this just makes me more determined in spreading the news of all the wickedness surrounding me… and strengthens my will for revenge… A big and rebel hug.”
In his last letter he informs us that he’s refusing to go to the exercise yard in order to be granted physiotherapy treatment, and that he won’t accept further provocations.
 Therefore we remind you that it is important to keep on writing to him:
 Maurizio Alfieri
C.C. di Terni
Strada Delle Campore 32
05100 Terni (TR)

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