Update on a few anarchist comrades locked up by the State


From RadioAzione
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
Marco Camenish: judges are discussing his appeal after he was denied release on bail after serving 2/3 of his sentence. It seems that judges think it is too early to free Marco (twenty years in prison) and it is very likely that he will be subjected to some alternative measures such as leaves, etc. According to Marco, this won’t happen before one or two years have passed.
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva: he’s been delivered letters very slowly and sometimes letters are sent back. Curiously, Gabriel’s letters are not sent back from Alicante, where the comrade is being held, but from Madrid.
Elisa Di Bernardo: the only female comrade still in prison following operation ‘Ardire’, on March 21 she got another three months of censorship on her mail. The reason would be her correspondence with Marco Camenish and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva. She too is being delivered letters very slowly, including those from her family (sometimes she gets letters with a month delay). It would be the case to massively send letters to the comrade right now.



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