Barnardo’s windows smashed in Brixton 9.4.13 – it was us – south london – uk


On the celebration of Thatcher’s death, we smashed a window of Barnardo’s ‘charity shop’ in Brixton using a concrete slab from a bin on the street. And it was easy. We would of done more if it weren’t for self-proclaimed pacifists violently attempting to arrest us.
This action was in solidarity with all migrants detained, deported and struggling to cross borders. Barnardo’s was targeted because they fund and administrate Cedars detention centre in Croydon. They detain children, families and individuals who merely seek freedom from poverty, persecution, murder, rape and other oppression the borders.
Freedom to all migrants.
For a world without borders and states.
Fire to the prisons!
Fuck maggie!
Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) – Circle Slab Cell

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