Italy – A communiqué from anarchist comrades Nicola and Alfredo imprisoned in Ferrara


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
 We receive and transmit:
 A conspiratorial hug to all the anarchists of action
It has been six months since we were kidnapped by four clowns in gown and their lackeys in uniform. Six months which have only strengthened our hatred towards the State and the authority, and our determination to continue to struggle for their destruction. We’ve been always convinced that what imprisoned anarchists need is the warmth and anger of those who keep on attacking.
Every time we hear the noise of the key locking ‘our’ cells, this conviction becomes stronger. We can’t describe the joy and strength we feel when we get news of some action of attack, when we hear the echo of the dynamite trying to tear up the greyness of social peace.

We want to express loudly the love and conspiratorial closeness we feel towards the comrades who sabotaged ATMs in Milan in solidarity with us. The same goes for the sisters and brothers of the Indonesian cell ‘Anger Unit – International Conspiracy for the Revenge of FAI-FRI’, and the sisters and brothers of the Chilean cell ‘Insurrectional Anti-authoritarian Cell Panagiotis Argyrou FAI/FRI.’ A solidarity hug also to our sisters and brothers of the ‘Unscathed Cell of Revenge FAI/FRI’, who in Greece gave a splendid example on what solidarity with prisoners means.
Of course we also want to hug all those comrades who, anonymously or giving a name to their revolt or giving life to the international project of the FAI/FRI continue to animate and practise the dream of the destruction of State and capital, the dream of a free and wild life.
Go on, comrades, there is a whole world to be demolished!
A solidarity hug to our sister and brothers of the CCF FAI/FRI first phase. Your projectuality gives us hope!
Long live direct action!
Long live the new anarchy!
Nicola and Alfredo
To write to the comrades:
 Nicola Gai
Alfredo  Cospito 

C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

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