Text of anarchists prisoners Karagiannidis, Mitroudias, Sakkas – Athens


Translated by Actforfree/boubourAs


On the beginning of the new trial on April 5th
 On April 5th begins the last -based on the facts up to now- trial concerning us. On the occasion of this trial we would like to clarify our position on some matters.
 A year ago, we were called along with the members of the r.o. CCF and other anarchists who were accused and imprisoned for participation in the organization and had recently been released, to “testify” about 160 incendiary and explosives attacks the responsibility of which has been claimed by the r.o. CCF.
 With this move the state through the special appeals interrogators Mokkas and Baldas attempted one more oppressive experiment creating an indictment with evidence not set up or fabricated, but completely non-existent as far as we are concerned. In an indictment of thousands of pages and a court order which called 680 witnesses to testify, our names are not mentioned anywhere. Consciously therefore the two previously mentioned interrogators supplanted the (anyway non-existent) legal significance of the indictment for the sake of repressive feasibility. And if for the legal side there is not much to be said by us, there is plenty to say about its political targeting. Civil law is is a tool of dominance in order to hurt its opponents. Thus these new imprisonments were used as a tool aiming at imposing one more 12month detainment and eliminate the possibility of any releases at the end of the 18month pre trial detainment period. This is why although the “evidence” of the indictment were known to the interrogators for at least a year now, they chose to begin the new prosecutions at the expiry of the detainment limit.
 These new persecutions, which at first targeted us, have an additional significance. They mark the desire of the state to carry out a major oppressive step. To gain the possibility to connect as it pleases people and situations without now having the need of legal proof. Realizing with this way of thought the significance this attack has, we chose to go on hunger strike demanding besides the lifting of our detainments also the release of our comrade Stella Antoniou for health reasons.
 Although our second demand was met,in the text we announced after the end of the strike we spoke of a defeat. We considered it a personal and political defeat that only one part of our demands was met, however we judged the continuation of a hunger strike the stakes of which had not been realized at a movement level and the solidarity, beyond direct actions, delayed to express itself. Because in our perception there is no room for martyrs, we decided to end the hunger strike.
 Nevertheless, the issues raised then remain relevant.
 Various cases unconnected between them, such as the robbery in Paros, the robbery in Velvendo, the discovery of weapons in the athens polytechnic campus, are attempted to be connected under a common name, the CCF, which has become an “umbrella” in the hands of the persecuting authorities.
 Until today this “umbrella” has everything but closed.
 It remains open in order to fit every anarchist who acts aggressively towards the state. Because every prosecution of an anarchist besides the direct targeting of the individual it also targets the wider anarchist movement, every expression of solidarity should be raised complete including the more general oppressive way of thinking of the prosecution.
 Solidarity is the multiplier factor of strength of the insurgents which can create cracks in the regime giving some times even direct results.
 We know that the state exploits oppressively or assimilationist every inactivity or retreat of ours at a time and place it chooses so
Giorgos Karagiannidis
Alexandros Mitrousias
Kostas Sakkas
Koridallos prisons, 26/3/2013

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