CCF TRIAL UPDATE Session 39, – Athens




Session 39,
In this session, testified among others, some of the DIAS cops who had arrested a comrade of the CCF. During the testimony of a cop there was mentioning from him that during his patrol (2 DIAS motorbikes and 4 cops participated), they located two people going down the side street of the highway, near economic and targets and banks.

When they got closer to check them the two individuals had separated so they went to one of them. As soon as they got closer, the comrade of the CCF initially fooled them since he said hello and then he started running towards the other direction. According to what the cop said, there was a chase which due to the predominance of the police forces, led to the arrest of the comrade. As for the second unknown individual who was with him, the cops could not locate him. At this point in the trial, the cop witness said that at the anti-terrorist force recognized as the possible second individual who escaped, another comrade of the conspiracy. Then the specific comrade stated: “To clarify things. If that day I was with our arrested brother, me or any other member of the conspiracy, you probably wouldn’t be here to testify cop. You are really lucky that our comrade was alone, otherwise we would have shot you both…”
The cop put his head down and did not speak.
A little while later, a document was put in which wrote that 250 cops who participated in the in the investigations for the CCF, placed the demand to be given metals for their “success” and even asked for a money reward.
According to the cops’ testimonies, at some point during the investigations for the arrest of the CCF, hundreds of cops and anti-terrorist officers participated.

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