Milan, Italy – Fascist attack on a Roma camp


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 We receive and transmit:
 Milan, 15th April 2013. Tonight a serious episode of violence took place against the Roma people camped on Via Dione Cassio in Milan. Neo-nazi wearing Mussolini’s symbols and chanting racist slogans threw stones at the inhabitants of the Roma camp of Viale Ungheria/Via Dione Cassio. This vile aggression caused at least one wounded and a great deal of fear.

The attackers were about eighty, including many youngsters […]. In the past days Fiamma Tricolore and other extreme-right groups had threatened the Roma camp.
The Milan authority had already announced the eviction of the camp by April […]. In the capital of Lombardia institutions and racist groups act in unison in order to scare Roma families and make them go away. The fascist march eventually dispersed, while none of the aggressors was identified by the forces of order.



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