Chile – Updates on anarchist comrades Carla and Ivan


From RadioAzione
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

The date of the trial against comrades Carla Verdugo and Ivan Silva has been set on June 3 2013. Both comrades are under night house arrest and stand accused of placing an explosive device according to the anti-terrorism law. The prosecution has demanded heavy sentences for the two comrades: five years for Ivan and five years one day for Carla.
This difference is crucial as it aims at preventing Carla from benefiting of any kind of mitigating circumstances. In this way they are trying to criminalizing her love relation with comrade Juan Aliste, who is under arrest following the ‘Security Case’.
 We call on comrades to show solidarity as they did in other trials (CCF, Revolutionary Struggle, ‘Bombas Case’ and the trial against comrade Luciano) and to publish updates on the case in the various counter-information sites so as to avoid relying on the bourgeois press to get news on the trial against the comrades.
Solidarity with the comrades on trial!
Stop the anti-terrorism law!
Ivan and Carla free!
More information on the trial against Carla and Ivan here.

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