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“To you who at night you go to bed desperate from the futility of the struggle, from the oppression which ‘steals’ the comrades from us, the squats, which wipes out anything that stands in front of it. Get dressed, take with you a decision and fight. Let history write of those who fought till the end, till the last revolutionaries become dust in the passage of updated technological oppression. Let the whore of a history write about the enraged cries of the People before their executions. Yes, to you who at night counts the stars and you heart beats fast, faster, even more faster awaiting the dawn for the continuation of the attempt and the struggle… ALL OR NOTHING”
That afternoon in the area of Nea Filadelfia ended the beautiful journey of freedom which we had begun after the official announcement of our illegality. Time froze, minutes were also set under surveillance and the sky hid from the hoods of our persecutors. We fell into their hands, the bitter feel of defeat which entails a captivity will hunt us behind the walls as well as long as the memories of our free life will come alive in our minds. Our journey of illegality, struggle and freedom in no way began in mid February -when our arrest warrants were published- neither ended with our hands cuffed behind our backs in unmarked cop cars.
 All these years we decided to take a battle position in the anarchist struggle we experienced valuable moments of conflict, violence, discussions, attempts, casualties. But above all the smile left on our face by the feeling that we accomplished something, the minimal pebble we put with our comrades for the structuring of a true and unenslaved life.

Through the molotovs, rocks and teargass on the protests, the chase with the cops in the alleyways of the centre, the violent actions, the discussions with comrades and friends sharing our common worries for the promotion of the Struggle. So many moments, means and forms of actions which we countdown time backwards in order to re-live.
 We are not the ones who have something to regret, but all those who follow the development of their lives on televisions, who remain impassive looking at the bloodied repercussions of the marathon of indifference. All those indifferent who “kill” daily from their couches.
Statements of repentance consist for us an acceptance of victory of authority. And as for those who speak of “mislead youths” which are lured, let us remind them that mislead are those who sleep next to the illusion of assurance and are comfortable with mediocre and harmless solutions not troubling themselves to risk even the minimum. They should stop characterizing us as mislead youths attempting to depoliticize our action.
 No it is not us who have to apologize for the charges attributed to us but all the enemies of freedom whether they are called cops, judges, interrogators or politicians, technocrats and businessmen, for their repeated murders.
We have nothing more to state than that we are proudly on the side of the Guilty of our Times, a circle which all the disputers of authority always had. People all around the world in their own way -depending on the social/political particularities which make them- look at the stars in the skies and prepare for their own bloody battles with authority.
 From the position we are now and looking at the now barbedwired sky we have few means of struggle at our disposal. Despite all this with pencil and paper, with our refusal to apologize before cops and judges, with our refusal to succumb to the humiliating cavity search in prison and but also to “swallow” the sterile profile of a prisoner, with our attempt to create a community of struggle inside the walls of the prisons together with anarchists and dignified prisoners we will will gamble on the always open bet of revolutionary prospect.
“Concerning the r.o. Conspiracy Cells of Fire….”
 As it can be seen from the rest of our text but also our attitude towards the cops and judges we have no intention and aim to enclave our speech calling on legal terms which are of another world clashing with ours. Despite that the charges for the CCF attributed to us have a political character, it s therefore important to clarify our posit ion. We state that we are not members of the r.o. CCF. In the last years the police-juridical circles through the CCF attempt first of all in the legal part to load people up with more charges placing them in the organization and secondly to enclave the autonomous political journeys of those arrested fighters in the frames of only one organization. Presenting and baptising as a member whoever happens to be arrested, authority tries to present to the outside the struggle and more specifically the violent/guerilla side of it as a monopoly of a group not recognizing the autonomy of action or its diffusion inside the wider subversive movement.
Putting “aside” the fact that authority uses the organization of CCF in no case do we do not overlook the big contribution of this specific anarchist revolutionary organization to the continuation and enrichment of the struggle itself (for example the bet of internationalizing the anarchist struggle). And this contribution is independently of whatever disagreements or agreements we have with their speech and action.
 The anarchist struggle does not cease to be a large mosaic of ideas, political speech and perceptions as well as an inlay of different and multiform aggressive attacks. Our intention in any case is the common -of each revolutionary cell- acceptance and understanding of the meaning of COMMUNITY, the community of struggle against the state and the diffuse authoritative relation.
 The meaning of community in no way means identification at a level of speech and action but a project which has to be understood and appropriated not only by the anarchists/revolutionaries but all the oppressed of authority.
 Let us finish once and for all inside and outside the anarchist movement with the fragmented resistances and lets bleed on the trenches of collective resistance against the onslaught of dominance.
“Some thoughts about the condition of clandestinity”
 When the warrants and our pictures were published we took the decision to disappear since we had no intention to give away our freedom to no people-guards, neither to bury our ideas and actions between juridical files and documents. We realize the condition of clandestinity as a “balance on a tight rope”. As a condition where danger lurks at any moment of the day, from the movement in the streets to the safe-houses and the meetings with friends and comrades under the fear of police surveillance. A situation which demands continuous attention and careful planning. In the battle of clandestinity the smallest mistake can cost you dearly, the slightest relaxation could be exploited by the enemy. It is a peculiar regime where everyday life is structured on rules and security measures.
The bet set from the first moment of our disappearance was: how to “burglar” the regime of isolation which the clandestine condition is trying to impose. And the isolation we describe has two sides, political and existential. On one side of the coin isolation “means” an inactivity at a level of political action which means simple survival. The truth is that the means and forms of action are limited. Public appearances at meetings or protests and generally movement structures are now dangerous. Despite all this it is in our hands to try with smart ways -with whatever risk each is willing to take- to not lose any contact with the social events and as much as possible affect them with our action. Our position on the actions and possibilities of the struggle is that there should not be a standard/dogmatic logic which wants its means to follow the dipole legal-illegal. A clandestine fighter can wear the hood and attack with weapons as well as sharing out flyers at night. It is time for our imagination invents innovative ways of use and managing of ALL means, either from the safe-houses or the legal houses. The other side of the coin reflects the isolation at a personal, existential level. A distance from our loved ones -friends, relatives etc.- but also contact with few people every day create an “individual void”. This situation creates a sharp sensation. On one side you feel like you miss those people close to you but also various aspects of the struggle, on the other with the few comrades you are with are created fraternal bonds which are difficult to describe on a “piece of paper”.
Simultaneously the condition of clandestinity also offers each fighter the possibility to evolve and raise the level of armed conflict with the regime. A characteristic example are the illegal structures/groups of anarchists in the last years who which with their guerilla action factually disputed the monopoly of state violence and caused material and political wounds to the dominance and its civilization. The importance of guerilla structures is crucial in the evolution of our war with authority functioning as a front-line of the destructive force of anarchy. Crucial because it keeps alive the bet of generalized armed insurrection against the regime and makes democracy drop its alleged rectified façade revealing its real self. At the same time it creates such situations in which is succeeded the spreading of anarchist speech and practice to the wider social body. Guerilla actions does not consist an end in itself but neither is isolated from the rest of the movementist processes. It functions and acts based on them transferring the war to a military level.
 “For those who support us and are supported by us…”
Going together under the two skies…
 At some point you stop, you look at your people there and you continue…
Some stay behind, some fell into captivity and now bite the bars in their rage.
 In the cells of their prison the revolution feeds with numerous Memories and imaginary ifs, and ifs, and ifs…
If what? Ask the index to turn back. Take the answer in the noose of confinement…
Some others out there alone, stop, think, cry and again fight. Stubborn. They count their fears and inhibitions, sometimes they come out ……….. and sometimes they pull the trigger. The bullet sticks in a great hope. It hugs the plans, embraces for a last time the date and salutes for years Dekelias avenue.
 Sudden change of environment. The blue sky transforms into a small white lamp. The smiles of our comrades are wearing hoods.
The motherfuckers are fooled. That moment the sight of the inevitable shadows the beating. No one feels, hurts. They only taste the big defeat.
 Listen to me carefully. Take with you what we lived, all that we risked, all that we lost, all that we would live but had “bad luck” on the way… Hide inside you one by one every promise and hide so they cant find you EVER…
In the land of their sunset you are clandestine, illegal, enemy.
 Talking with era the other day we realized our guilt.
It is not right to hide inside you the inevitable. Then again maybe you feel guilty.
 In no case however change your freedom with an eternal await.
I do not know where you will be today, tomorrow, now. I imagine you know how these things are.
 Close your eyes therefore and think: a smile, a walk in the forest, our stormy discussions, our ambushes and attacks. And as soon as you open you eyes look at the sky and say: Lets go again, this time till the end.
Fivos Harisis
Argiris Dalios
 1st wing of Koridallos prisons
May 2013

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