Lecce, Italy – Benefit for the prisoners of ‘Operation Ardire.’


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

 Friday May 24, Anarchist Circle, Via Massaglia 62/b Lecce
 8pm: exhibition and audio contribution on Marco Camenish, radical ecologist imprisoned in Switzerland.
9pm: benefit dinner
10:30pm: anarchist and struggle tunes – guitar and vocals by Andy Cat.
 On June 13 2012 ten anarchists are delivered an ordinance of remand in custody, following the usual charge of conspiracy with purposes of subversion of the democratic order.
Currently, almost of all them are still under arrest in prison or at home. To isolate and imprison is an attempt by the State at striking the rebels of this society so that they don’t act as a spark in a world lying on a powder keg. To break this isolation can be a way for that spark to remain always alive in spite of repression.
Our solidarity goes to Marco, Gabriel, Stefano, Sergio, Alessandro, Giuseppe, Elisa, Katia, Giulia, Paola.
 We are all prisoners because a society that needs prison, a society that needs to lock up and exclude, is a prison itself. But they joy of the dream of freedom from the bosses and their jails, the joy of solidarity in the struggle, cannot ever be imprisoned.’
Marco Camenish

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