Brussels, Belgium: Cops storm houses of comrades as well as Acrata anarchist library


Translated by Actforfredomnow!
Around 6am on May 22nd 2013, dozens of cops of the antiterrorist body of the federal police carried out a raid and search of 3 apartments in Brussels, where anarchist and anti-authoritarian comrades live, as well as the anarchist library Acrata.
All the people that were present (11 in total) were arrested and lead to the offices of the federal police. The charges are: participation in a terrorist organization, conspiracy and arson. The operation was baptised “cendres (ashes)”, and is run by the judge and interrogator Isabelle Panou, notorious for her long-lasting career serving the state.
The cops confiscated loads of documents, personal items, computers, mobile phones, propaganda materials etc. During the interrogations, where all arrestees refused to cooperate, it was shown that the investigation has to do with struggles, insurrections and activities from 2008 up to now, and especially against the prisons, against the construction of the new immigrant and refugee concentration centre Steenokkerzeel, against the activities of STB (transport company in Brussels), against the european institutions and the eurocrats, against the construction of a super speed RER trains, against NATO, against the deportation mechanisms, against the juridical curators and the construction of a gigantic prison in Brussels.

The investigation is also dealing with publications such as the anarchist newspaper Hors-Service, but also more texts and posters which are beingdistributed by the anarchists and anti-authoritarians. Around 1pm, all arrestees were released, with no need however for them to appear before the interrogator.
Against the charges for terrorism, their intimidations harassments, we must not abandon the ideas and the acts which aim at the destruction of every form of authority and the joy given by such a battle.
We continue to fight for freedom, for the shattering of this deadly world of oppression and exploitation.
Brussels, May 23rd 2013
ps.we send our warm solidarity to the comrades

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