Two pieces of writing by anarchist comrade Marco Camenish Lenzburg, Switzerland, 23rd April 2013


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Angry greetings on Mayday 2013
 Celebrating? I really don’t feel like celebrating! After all we are celebrating enough, in a sense. For whatever we want to do or not to do following our nature, our life should be just a celebration.
But Mayday is not a celebration, it’s not meant to be celebrated. And even less so if Mayday is the celebration of work, a day in praise of work. On the contrary it must be a day of meditation and analysis on and in favour of solidarity organization of the struggle against work. And obviously also against the system and all its roots, which force us to working, make work necessary, a question of life or death, and in fact we are killing ourselves and our future with work! For work is slavery. And I don’t mean wage slavery, as this concept is huge minimization, especially in the face of so called unemployment in times of crisis when wages are not sufficient to live, or are not longer so, or were never so.
Moreover let’s bear it in mind that work and exploitation were born and can exist only under dominion and patriarchal oppression along with the massacres and destructions perpetrated against humanity and nature! For this reason to say ‘produce, consume and die’ is huge minimization too, if not a false statement. In fact since the beginning of dominion, exploitation and patriarchal slavery, i.e. since the beginning of civilization, this deadly spiral has been set in motion along with a mass process, which is also a fatally technological-industrial one. It starts off with this process and never stops,
not even if the process itself ends. It is sufficient to think of the nice little problem of nuclear waste. So, for example, the process starts with any mass technological-industrial production, which implies an excess of people and goods and always becomes – since the beginning – endless. And for what? For the accumulation, wanted and made lasting, of power and wealth in the hands of few people! Their overproduction of people and goods is be used in the imperialist war, internal and external, the endless war waged from above, a war of everyone against everyone and everyone against nature. This unabated war is intensified for the maintenance and development of this social system, murderer and suicidal.
Divide and rule. Work is the best instrument to achieve this! If in Chicago a hundred work slaves were assassinated in one fell swoop, today – as Bangladesh teaches – we can add another zero to the figure. That’s progress, and its existence is made possible by a great number of professionals of violence armed with batons and guns…
The number of their victims in the universal produce-and-throw away war of technological-industrial capital continues to rise, and is reduced to mere calculation of profitability in the indices of the society of risks. And the number is digitally marked by our zero collective conscience, which will be soon liquefied in EARTHLINK, a conscience already subjected to a striking isolation produced by individuals using infallible means of reactionary mobilization, such as Facebook and mobile phones full of apps; or in an even more totalitarian way through multifunctional glasses connected to the web and implemented in our heads by law. Victims of zero value, never people, except if the victims are rich or if they are useful to the propaganda of terror or used as a pretext for a war. All for the sake of work.
And so: nor digital or verbal-radical but real solidarity to the core. Enough with the system of slavery, enough with State and capital, enough with work! Work kills us. And it kills our freedom and future life when it is not already dead!
I hug you.
 Marco, Lenzburg prison, May 2013
I want to try to make a summary of what happened to Gabriel. Last week he was taken before the ‘Audencia Nacional’ in Madrid and then to a Spanish prison, a fact unknown before he went to the court.
As we came to know, the Italian justice issued a European arrest warrant connected to ‘Operation Ardire’, which accuses Gabriel. The Italian justice is asking his extradition to Italy and we don’t know whether they just want to question him or keep him there for long.
The first deadline before the court was called off because the solicitor didn’t turn out and this gave us more time. Tomorrow, 16th April, is the day of another hearing, during which Gabriel will be delivered the European warrant and asked if he wants to appeal. Gabriel has decided to appeal and his solicitor will try to vitiate the warrant by stating that the charge of ‘participating and supporting a terrorist organization’ is based on nothing. However, if the judges wanted to execute the arrest warrant, Gabriel would make recourse to a court in Madrid, this time presided by three judges and where a political discussion would take place. Then they would discuss if he was to be immediately extradited to Italy. This is a proceeding that any EU country can undertake to expel one of its own citizens. There would be
still the chance of a second appeal to the ‘Supreme Court’, the highest court in Spain, but this could prove useless: their shit laws establish that an order of extradition must be executed ten days after the first appeal.
In the meantime, with great relief I receive the news of the result of the hearing: Gabriel will not be extradited immediately, especially as he is still serving his sentence in Spain. So we are gaining time. Those who spoke to him on the telephone say that ‘he is more than happy’ because the solicitor can go on against this ‘EU order’.
Moreover, let’s just wait for this other abominable Italian frame-up to be played down, and let’s give more ‘time’ to continue and strengthen the solidarity against repression, also for comrade and brother Gabriel!!
The story of the exemplary fighting resistance-existence of comrade and brother Gabriel speaks of his great contribution to the struggle and revolutionary solidarity. This must have played a significant role in the ‘prudent’ decision taken by the justice of the fascist Spanish state along with an obvious persecutory consistency and an ‘accusatory inconsistency,’ the latter as much obvious as the former.
This inconsistency is substantiated by the fact – which is not the most important one, of course, and is based on different premises – that I haven’t been officially informed of any warrant so far (except in the bombastic ‘accusatory’ tone of brilliant ‘Operation Ardire’), which certainly is not due to ‘benevolence,’ by either Italy or Switzerland!
Marco, Lenzburg, Switzerland, 23rd April 2013

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