Italy – Imprisoned comrades Sergio, Nicola and Alfredo write in memory of Mauricio Morales. Plus updates on Nicola and Alfredo.


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Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

 25th May 2013 – Here follow the contributions that Sergio, Nicola and Alfredo wrote in the prison of Ferrara at the invitation of the Chilean comrades of the blog Publicacion Refractario, in memory of anarchist Mauricio Morales four years after his death, as he fell in action on 22nd May 2009 while he was preparing to attack a training school for prison guards.
The revolutionary tension which four year ago led the Chilean comrade’s steps is clear and shared in our minds and hearts. As we remember our loss this memory exercise is also clear, goes beyond all borders and highlights old and new individual and collective cartographies of revolt instead of falling in the swampy abyss of resignation.
Enough with the cadaver’s butt
 Mauricio died four years ago as he was following the trajectory of struggle he had chosen without hesitation. At the flash of the explosion, which sadly stroke him instead of the enemies it was meant for, followed the thunder that shook the spirit of us all, his brothers and sisters scattered all over the world and animated by his same desire of destruction of the existent. The joy you always feel when you find an affinity heart was weakened by the awareness that that heart would never again pump blood and anger. Mauri was not the first one who died because of his choice of never splitting thought from action, and sadly he was not the last one either. But I’m not sure that tears are the best way to remember him. In these years Mauri has not been left to rot in a grave, but he has continued to live and struggle in any action of attack, no matter whether or not the action was dedicated to him.
As flames spread until there is fuel so his joy can never be extinguished until we continue to strike the enemy, and actions are the oxygen that must feed the flames before too many words suffocate them, reduce them to dim light, extinguish them.
Let’s not be reduced by the cult of the cadaver, let’s not bury the bodies of our brothers and sisters under metres of soil and let’s not confound marble effigies with which someone believes to honour our comrades with their true flesh. Like Ravachol, let’s be violators of graves and let’s uncover the tombs so as to take daggers, detonators, guns and black powder back in our hands, and let’s them strike the enemy again instead of letting them rust and grow musty in the memory.
 Sergio Maria Stefani
For just an hour of furious anarchy
The flash that four years ago lit the night of the Chilean capital and prevented Mauri from carrying out his action showed us all the beauty and hardness inherent to the struggle for anarchy. Nothing can give us more joy than light the fuse of the device that must strike the torturers who torment our imprisoned brothers and sisters. Only when our tension for freedom meets praxis do we really succeed in living anarchy, here and now. Sadly the dream we carry in our hearts is too big not to risk to clash against the hideous wall of authority erected in defence of the state and capital. When we really risk our lives, inevitably we end up clashing with the hardness inherent to the struggle: death or prison. All this must not frighten us but it must strengthen our awareness and determination to go on the attack against the existent. For this reason, without rhetoric, we can say that Mauri continues to live in all actions of attack. Courage and strength to the comrades who anonymously attack the state and capital, to those who give a name to their anger, to the comrades who give life to the FAI/FRI. Let’s give our bodies and souls to the black international, there is an entire world to destroy. Long live anarchy!
 Nicola Gai
When I read the news of Mauri’s death following the accidental explosion of the device he was carrying, my heart skipped a beat. Even if I didn’t know him and never saw him, I felt by instinct that he was walking along the same road I was walking along. The following days, the actions, the clashes , the eviction of the place where he lived and his funeral full of anger: this reminded me of other days, when in prison I got the news of Baleno’s death and I felt powerless. At the time there were clashes too, a funeral full of anger, Sole’s death and my heart skipped a beat then too, but I felt harmless and powerless. Today I no longer feel this sensation as I know what to do. I perfectly know what Mauri felt in the instants before his death, the pulse of adrenaline, the happiness coming from the realization of one’s own desires through action, the opposition to the system of shit made possible by destructive means. Mauri’s death was not a bad one. Of course, it would have been wonderful to continue to live in order to attack, over and over again… but sometimes fate decides for us.
Today his joy of living lives again in any individual who arm his hands against power, which is becoming increasingly strong day by day, in the slow and constant spreading of the black international, in the dozen FAI nuclei scattered all over the world, in the smile of those who have just set fire to the powder keg. Mauri lives in our actions, we don’t go back.
 Alfredo Cospito
The result of the second examination of the helmets seized from Nicola’s house was submitted to the court on May 21. This time too the RIS of Parma had to surrender and admit that the traces of gunpowder found on the helmets are compatible with 80% of the guns in circulation: so the attempt at linking helmets and weapons lawfully kept by Nicola’s father with an alleged trip the comrades would have undergone to practice shooting failed in the bud. The trip had been envisage by the investigators working on the 270bis case  concerning the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare manager Roberto Adinolfi. The result of the comparison between the gunpowder traces and the bullets used for Adinolfi’s wounding had already proved negative.
In the last week the first preliminary hearing was set on June 12 2012 in Genoa.
 To write to the comrades:
 Nicola Gai
Alfredo Cospito
Sergio Maria Stefani
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

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