CCF TRIAL UPDATE Session 49,50,51 ,2013 – Athens


Translated by Acforfreedomnow/boubourAs
Among the prosecution witnesses which came through today was an superior officer of the antiterrorist force, who was in charge of the officers who arrested some of those accused in Nea Smirni. During his testimony it became known that officers of the antiterrorist force sell protection, and work as bodyguards for businessmen and singers with the excuse of protecting them from a possible attack by the CCF against them.
There were even recent articles in the middle-class press which confirmed this news. Then, during the examination of the cops of the antiterrorist, the prosecutor asked if it is possible for the police to “infiltrate” anarchist armed guerilla groups. A comrade of the CCF then spoke and among other things he said that this is the ardent desire of the antiterrorist, which is however doomed to always fail.

The reason is simple. An anarchist armed group is not a faceless militaristic structure, but a live anarchist experiment which is tested every day through the personal relations which exist between comrades. There is therefore the friendship, comradeship, friction, composition, solidarity, which fortify not only the CCF-FAI But every anarchist group from attempts of “infiltration” of cops.

Session 50.

The trial continued with the testimony of a superior officer of the antiterrorist. In a statement, a comrade of the CCF clarified that in one of the cases tried in this court (the one concerning the arrests for explosives and weapons in Nea Smirni), he as well as other comrades of the CCF have been attributed with the role of a manager-leader.

The indictment mentions that three members of the Conspiracy were the leaders of those arrested in Pireus and Nea Smirni and gave them orders. At this point a comrade of the CCF characteristically said that “We are anarchists urban guerillas of the Conspiracy. It is insulting to be characterized as leaders because just as we do not take orders from anyone, thus we have chosen to not order anyone around.” At some point the comrades of the CCF (those who were present), verbally abused the antiterrorist cop.

Then the cop trying to act like the victim, turned to the comrades of the Conspiracy saying “At least we do not kill…” to immediately receive the reply “that’s ok, we do kill…” the insults towards the antiterrorist cop continued, with the cop asking the judges for protection.

Session 51

In this session appeared as prosecution witnesses, employees from courier companies as well as security managers from Eleftherios Venizelos airport. During their testimonies there were many questions from the chairman concerning the security measures in courier companies and at the airport.

The judges were especially puzzled about how, although there are x-ray machines, the parcel-bombs were not discovered. We remind that a parcel was found on a plane mid-air and had to do an emergency landing in Bologna, while another parcel-bomb, arrived at the chancellery of Germany.

As it was seen, the construction of these specific parcels, was in such way as to “fool” the x-ray machines, in order for the parcels to travel to their destination.

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