Announcement of hunger strike of anarchist imprisoned comrade K.Sakkas


Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs
On 4/12/2010 I am arrested together with comrade Dimitris Michail in Nea Smirni while exiting a rented storage room, inside of which there was weapons.
 I have admitted from the first moment my relationship with this movement as well as the weapons found. I have state from the first moment that I am an anarchist and that my presence in that specific place is associated with my political identity and the choices that implies.
 On 7/12/10 I am led to the interrogator in charge and I am held on remand with the charges of participation in an unknown terrorist organization and aggravated weapons possession.
 On 12/4/11 and while I have already been held for four months in Navplio prisons, I am called again by interrogators Baltas, Mokkas and without the appearance of any new evidence, without even there being an ongoing investigation, I am remanded for participation in the r.o. CCF. This happened obviously when the interrogators realized that in a court room it wont stand to have charge of participation in an organization which has carried out no attacks, the members possess no bombs, communiques, used weapons, an organization which does not even have a name.
 I have clarified in the past -as well as the r.o. CCF itself from their side- that I am not a member of organization in question. It did not do it to avoid the vengeful, oppressive odyssey reserved by urban justice to whoever is accused as member of it, but simply because this is how it is. I had to clarify this for the truthful historical register.

So much for me, as well as the r.o. CCF.
 The initial charge of integration into an unknown terrorist organization which was attributed to me as well as my two comrades (Mitrousias, Karagiannidis) as well as the rest of those arrested in the same operation -despite having absolutely nothing to with anything- was the peak of the political expediencies which were served by the DAEEB (directorate of special crimes of violence) in that period in the name of the then minister of public order Christos Paputsis, who desired -as all of those who held the same position- the at all costs dislocation of a terrorist organization in his days.
It is known, that the above minister had direct supervision of the operation and he even evaluated the facts transmitted to by the antiterrorist himself in the end gave the order for the arrests. Whoever watched the mainstream media those days will remember the scenarios and evaluations of various journalistic parrots about which organization we could be members of, what we intended to do etc which was obviously channelled in by the DAEEB, until of course the results came out from the ballistic examination and they shut up…
Later, mr. Papoutsis, in an attempts to apologize for the fiasco, giving an interview in a known magazine claimed that he was “fooled by the antiterrorist service” (!).
 On 6/4/12, still on remand and nearing the end of the 18month period (maximum limit of remand by law), I am re-remanded for the carrying out of 160 incendiary and bomb attacks, the responsibility of which has been claimed by the CCF. It is characteristic that in the specific indictment, not only is there no evidence on me – they didnt even bother to create any this time- but there is not even a mention of my name, except in the delivering of the indictment. It is an indictment which with no exaggeration could with the logic that characterizes the planted interrogators Baltas – Mokkas, be attributed to anyone. It is also characteristic and evident of the feasibility of the prosecution that the main interrogators had in their hands this specific indictment from the first moment of my arrest, a fact that obliged them -based on the law of course- to be given to me together with the first indictment. In a nutshell these gentlemen held me on remand charged with integration into the same organization twice consecutively (!).
 Today, being held on remand for 2,5 years essentially for a simple weapon possession (aggravated weapon possession to clarify and only means that the weapons were for either intended to be sold, or for the arming of a terrorist organization, something which neither appears, neither do I accept), the main institutionalized defenders of justice and law who keep me because I broke it, decided to overlook even their own constitution -which defines every next remanding to be a maximum of 12 months- since it is not enough for them in order to serve their political leadership and keep me for six more months.
 Essentially, the exterminating remands imposed on me are a extensive hostage condition, it is a counterbalance for the makeshift cooked up indictments, which whatever they do, are incapable of preventing their “deflation” in the court rooms despite the special regime which characterizes them (in every way). Whoever has been through them even for a bit, knows this very well.
Their tactic is now clear and it gives away their vengeful intentions. Yes it is true, the state avenges its political opponents. It avenges them but never recognizes them. It never did anyway. Agents and traitors then, terrorists and enemy of society now.
It is a fact that the political system, is going through the most decisive and unstable period since the junta, because of the domestic consequences of the global capitalist crisis. It is also a fact that the oppression and generally the authoritarian attitude of the state, is the “last card” it has, in order to secure the enslaved social peace and avoid, the generalized reaction to be expressed with organized and substantial insurrectionist forms.
 The minister of economics himself has admitted that for the first time a government is called to apply such extreme measures in a period of peace.
The laws which have always expressed the will of the powerful, today are not enough for the political representatives of the system compared to what they are called to carry out while serving it.
  having the opinion and position that the path for the individual-collective freedom is full of struggle and resistance, I decided that as of Tuesday 4/6, I will proceed to a hunger strike; a date on which with the current legal regime, the maximum limit of my remanding ends.
I clarify that for me the choice to go on a hunger strike, is not a act of desperation, but a choice to continue the struggle. A struggle we give from the first moment of our captivity, me and my comrades, resisting an unprecedented vengeful treatment by the juridical mechanisms, which decided for my case to take a break off their cash collecting duties, in order to defend the society from alleged enemies of it and the laws from its outlaws.
It is the same mechanisms and the same people behind them, which consist the perpetrators of the legitimacy of the conscription of strikers, the thousands of auctions and homeless people, the abolishment of social benefits, the thousands who live under the poverty line, the hundreds who commit suicide every year because they cannot cope in a dignified way, the legitimacy of the piled up people in camps characterizing them as illegal. They are the perpetrators of the legitimacy of torturing and beatings in the police stations, the random shootings, the silencing of the anti-regime means of information…
 They are the perpetrators of the creation of a cemetery society in the name of the law.
They are the perpetrators of the creation of a cemetery society if necessary outside the law…
dipped in the hypocrisy and wretchedness, despicable for both the devotees of civil justice, as well as the critics and its ideological enemies.
 “Who does not risk certainty for uncertainty, to thus follow a dream, those who do not forego sound advice at least once in their lives, die slowly (…) Let’s try and avoid death in small doses, reminding oneself that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing.”
Pablo Neruda
 Kostas Sakkas
1st wing,
Koridallos prisons

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