Italy – RadioAzione’s communiqué on counter-information and repressive investigations


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 As everyone knows counter-information has always been one of the targets of the judiciary. In the past there have been many investigations against comrades engaged in projects such as magazines, papers, radios and any other ways of doing counter-information. In 2006 article 272 (charge of subversive propaganda) was struck off the penal code, but this only aggravated the charges against those who take care of counter-information every day or periodically. Instead of being charged with ‘subversive propaganda’ one is now openly charged with ‘subversive association’. You can easily understand the reason of this change if you consider the length of pre-trial detention that the second charge implies.
 An outstanding example of this can be seen with ‘Operation Ardire’ and in particular with Stefano and Elisa’s arrest.
An article taken off or added to the penal code doesn’t change the life of an anarchist. Nor are we interested in their fucking laws. As anarchists we would like to see their courts, laws, barracks and prisons burning… along with those who want them! So we are not going to say ‘we were better off when we were worse off’ but we want to examine why an article of the penal code has been changed with another one.

 Recently Milan prosecutors demanded a six-month extension of the pre-trial detention for Alessandro, Stefano, Sergio, Elisa and Peppe. In their request prosecutors point out that despite them being detained the comrades continue to communicate with people outside the prison belonging to their environment, and to promote ‘campaigns of solidarity’ against ‘repression’ with alarming tones characterized by violence, not only verbal violence. The prosecutors’ request goes on and explains better these concepts by mentioning several communiqués drawn from RadioAzione, Contra Info and Informa-Azione. 
As far as RadioAzione (which prosecutors define as the ‘sounding board’ of the national anarchist area) is concerned, a number of communiqués published on the blog are mentioned, and these are nothing more than pieces of writing in solidarity with comrades imprisoned in the world, many of which are not even signed by RadioAzione. But this is not a problem: we agree with everything or with most of what we publish on Therefore the target of the judiciary is anyone who expresses – with due ‘tones’, which for them are ‘ alarming’ – solidarity with imprisoned comrades as well as anyone who gives voice to comrades when the latter express solidarity through direct action.
 It is not the first time that something like this happens in recent times. It has become normal procedure for the judiciary to demand the extension of pre-trial detentions using this reason. We remind you that in September comrade Nicola Gai (jailed along with comrade Alfredo Cospito as they are both accused of the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare manager Roberto Adinolfi) got yet another warrant of arrest because of some environmental bugging taken from the Libertarian Studies Centre ‘Louise Michel’ in Naples. And the same prosecutors delayed the procedure based on 280bis against Alfredo and Nicola because the magistrates could not translate the Neapolitan dialect of the bugging, which cost Nicola another warrant of arrest… what’s that?
All this demonstrates the shit game the judiciary is playing with anarchists. Magistrates are demanding further months of detention for imprisoned comrades because the comrades keep in touch with those who give voice to them from the outside. In this way the judiciary is trying to create rifts and hoping – according to their sick minds – to isolate those who are behind bars. You didn’t understand a fuck of anything!
 Many of us, who have been inflicted repression in all forms in the course of the years, have very clear ideas about your game, unfortunately for you. So do try some other game! Even if a rift between individuals can happen for any reason (not your reasons), bear this in mind: our goal is the destruction of all prisons and of the State-Capital… so you wouldn’t sleep soundly in any case! Our ideas break your eardrums and penetrate your brains leading you to a sort of depression, which you relieve only through the only weapon you posses: prison.
You can imprison our bodies for a while… but our ideas break through walls made of bars and reinforced concrete.
RadioAzione has always taken everything into account: risks, dangers and enjoyments! But RadioAzione has never meant to silence the voice of imprisoned comrades all over the world or the fire that gives them active solidarity.
 Finally RadioAzione will continue to be the sounding board breaking your eardrums and spitting your work in your face, your disgusting work and the existent, through live radio programs and the updating of our blog.


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