Update 10.6.13 on anarchist communist.Tasos Theofilou trial. Athens


 The trial of Tasos Theofilou was postponed till November 11th 2013.
the decision was made by the 3  member Felony Appellate, after a request put in by the defence advocates Spiros Fitrakis and Anni Paparousou, while the prosecutor was also for this postponement.
“Solidarity is the weapon of the people, war to the war of the bosses” was the chant with which the dozens comrades gathered inside the courtroom greeted T.Theofilou, while the same chant was heard outside as well, when the van with the comrade drove off.
Tasos Theofilou himself said bye to the solidarians with a wide smile, the moment the EKAM (special forces) were cuffing him.

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