>FREE ANARCHIST POLYKARPOS GEORGIADIS Trial: February 16, 2005 in Serres



On the 16th of April 2004, plain-clothes cops arrest P. Georgiadis in a street in Thessaloniki and take him to the city’s police headquarters. After detaining him for hours, the media triumphantly present a police scenario about “a bomber having been arrested red-handed”. In the beginning, they present P. Georgiadis as the perpetrator of an unclear number of arsons that have taken place in the city… Finally, they end up accusing him of one “arson attempt” against a car, belonging to a private security company, which was parked in the street where he was arrested.
Denying all charges, he states that as an anarchist he was for long a police target. Even the cops who arrested him admit they knew him because of his anarchist activity. Georgiadis also stresses that passing from the place where he was arrested was part of his daily routine, something that the cops following him knew very well.
His arrest is the result of the desperate and futile effort of the police to solve the case of a series of arsons. Thus, the scenario fabricated contains everything that would help the police restore its prestige: incrimination for any unresolved case and conflicting reports about him having accomplices, so that the cops can claim they have achieved the “neutralization of a whole organization”. The latter leads in raids in houses of comrades and friends of Georgiadis. For the same reason, the scenario soon starts to collapse. The jabber about the “accomplices” will be eventually abandoned, along with the attempts to blame Georgiadis for the …dozens of actions the police was speaking about in the first place. In the end, even for the one accusation remaining, the cops who say they caught him in the moment of action are unable to present the incendiary device that would be supposedly used for the arson. With these fabricated charges, Georgiadis was sent to jail on April 20 and now he is in Koridallos prison of Athens.
His persecution is part of the state’s attack against society and specifically against those who resist, with any way they choose, the projects for the imposition of the modernized dictatorship of control and repression, exploitation and alienation.
Using the olympic games as a pretext and the doctrine of security as a spearhead, the state intensifies this attack, trying to extort the society’s consent and eliminate any social resistance. After all, the submission of society, the breakdown and the isolation of any voice and action of resistance are the most imperative aspirations of Authority. And any success in that level would be the darkest heritage of the olympic games.
Against state terrorism and the fabrication of social consent, we oppose solidarity, being aware that what the state wants when persecuting one militant is not having to deal with all of us.
Open Assembly of Anarchists-Antiauthoritarians

Solidarity demonstration: Athens, Saturday, 5 February 2005

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