Italy – ‘Operation Ardire’: anarchist comrades Alessandro and Giuseppe are out of jail, whereas Paola and Giulia are free from house arrest!


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
We receive and transmit:
This morning, July 12, Alessandro and Giuseppe were released from the prison of Ferrara. They must reside in Montegabbione (Teramo) and Catania respectively, and report regularly to the police station. Alessandro must report to the police station twice a day.
 The comrades’ release took place after the judge refused to accept Milan prosecutors’ request for a 6-month extension of pre-trial detention. Milan prosecutors have been in charge of the investigation since autumn 2012.
 Alessandro and Giuseppe have been released following the fact that Perugia prosecutors have been declared unqualified to proceed with the investigation. For the other comrades the release took place following a judge’s order. Because of this bureaucratic matter, Sergio, Elisa and Stefano are considered elegible for release starting form the date Milan prosecutors took over the investigation.
 Paola and Giulia are free from house arrest and are not subjected to any restrictions.
 We are waiting for further updates.

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