Italy – Genoa G8 2001: anarchist Francesco Puglisi arrested in Barcelona


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

We learn that anarchist comrade Francesco ‘Jimmy’ Puglisi, convicted of ‘devastation and plunder’ and sentenced to 14-year imprisonment following the trial for the 2001 revolt of Genoa, was arrested on June 5 in Barcelona by the Policia Nacional [he had been on the run for almost a year, TN].
 The manhunt was successfully accomplished thanks to the collaboration between the Digos of Catania and French and Spanish investigation agencies, which relied on the tracking devices that fill the bulimic belly of surveillance society. The routine, systematic and obsessive collection of data reconfirms itself as fundamental resource for monitoring, controlling and striking those who end up in the crosshairs of dominion.

The State kills with its men in uniform and its politics, whereas global capitalism is now employing its brutal methods even where the rich used to feast on the dead and debris of devastated areas. Technology and surveillance society merge in one single apparatus whose functioning is totally out of the control of individuals and human communities. Democracy and its rituals tend to conceal the horrors in which we are all involved, and those who struggle to sabotage this world are being punished in an exemplary way so as to ‘terrorize’ and warn all the others. The sentences of Genoa 2001 and those of October 15 2011, the comrades kidnapped by the State, the expansion and refinement of the
prison system and technological surveillance are open wounds that remind us of the importance of the struggle and solidarity.
 Comrades in Spain tell us that Francesco has been probably taken to a prison in Madrid, most likely Soto del Real, and should be extradited to Italy soon. We are waiting for updates and if you have any information send them to
Solidarity with Francesco, Marina and Alberto! Strength to Vincenzo!
 Here follows an ANSA press report:
Puglisi was found in a house in Barcelona along with his girlfriend and in possession of false documents. He was located thanks to investigations coordinated by prosecutors from Genoa, Italian police and the Digos of Catania, with the collaboration of French and Spanish investigators, who executed the warrant of arrest. [Francesco Puglisi] was caught out because ‘traces’ of his girlfriend’s bank and telephone activity allowed investigators to ascertain Puglisi’s presence in Paris. Police suspect that in Paris Jimmy Molotov was covered by some anarchist network having links with subversive groups dating back to the seventies. But Puglisi and his girlfriend left the French capital before being caught and fled to Spain. The anarchist from Catania had been arrested in December 2002 along with 22 other demonstrators following investigations on the clashes that occurred during the Genoa G8, and charged with devastation, plunder, possession and transport of explosive material and resistance to public official. Pictures and videos showed [Puglisi] while he was attacking high street shops and banks and throwing
incendiary bottles at them. This activity earned him the name of ‘Jimmy Molotov.’
 Francesco Puglisi, known for being a prominent element of the anarchist area of Catania, had also being investigated for other offences, such as theft, robbery and drug smuggling. In 2000 he was arrested by the Digos of Catania and sentenced to one year after police found 4 detonators, 30 sticks of dynamite and 60 metres of fuse wire in his house.

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