Italy –Operation ‘Ardire’: preliminary hearing put off because of judge’s incompatibility.


From RadioAzione
Translation act for freedom now/B.p.

From the local press of the Umbria region we learn that:
 On Thursday June 6 the preliminary hearing against comrades Alessandro Settepani, Giulia Marziale and Francesca Paola Iozzi, the only three investigated anarchists of ‘operation Ardire’ whose case is still with the court of Perugia (the rest of the case was in fact transferred to Milan owing to territorial jurisdiction) was to be held. But judge Alberto Avenoso declared himself unable to carry out the task because he had already issued a decree of extension of the same investigation.

The hearing has been therefore postponed to July 17. In the meantime it will be assessed whether or not the judge can preside over the trial. If he cannot, another date will be set and another judged will be appointed.
 On July 12 comrades Giulia Marziale and Francesca Paola Iozzi should be released from house arrest as the terms of detention expire on that date. As for Alessandro, locked up in the prison of Ferrara, we need to wait for the decision of the investigating judge concerning the request for extension of pre-trial detention made by Milan prosecutors.
 On Thursday morning a group of comrades showed solidarity with the arrested and imprisoned comrades outside the court of Perugia. A banner was unfolded: ‘Ale, Giulia, Paola free!’ Policemen and Digos officers were present outside the court too.

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