Letter of anarchist comrade G.Sarafoudis from koridallos prison – Athens


Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourassource
Letter of comrade G.Sarafoudis
remanded in Koridallos prisons.
 What is indisputably clear in the post-crisis historical condition is an economic war. A war which is for sure is from the top towards the bottom, since these last decades the “proletariats” constantly signed treaties of “social peace”, tearing up their collective conscience and living in dreams of consumerism and fabricated prosperity! Now, however, the economic elite, in cooperation with the legal and political authority, takes of the mask of the “right to work” and shows its real – frightening side “it is a privilege to be a slave in the modern hard labour camps”! Lets not be fooled therefore, this economic war we can and must transform it into social war whose aim will not be the sterile claim of “workers rights” but the destruction of today’s meaning of work as well as every structure of authority. In this war the state mechanism seeing the wider social unrest, which grows day by day, wants to subdue all resistance, through fear, using all means at its disposal: propaganda of terror-lust and economic insecurity, unseen violent oppression, arbitrary laws and constitutional revisions which are carried out without any political cost and with a clear political intention.

“Nobody can continue hiding behind of the regularity of their life, but we must leave behind our limits and barriers and go onto the attack.”
 The line between the two camps is very clear. On one side we have the economic, political and legal authority ready to use whoever is willing to state their complete subjugation, to the above, and on the other we have people who resist, overcoming their fears and transforming their everyday life into aggressive action, creating cracks aiming at the deconstruction of this rotten system, hunting moments of absolute freedom, living for today and risking everything. In this camp I place myself as a part of the anarchist movement, which independently of the objective conditions must awaken its collective conscience, overcome the ankylosis and its vested in order to use every time-space with insurrectionist and battle intention. The means we have at our disposal are many and our intention, besides their use for the achieving of our aims, is their diffuse. The sharing of communiques, the self-organized and self-managed spaces, political posters, solidarity acts, sabotage, arsons, conflictual demo’s as well as armed struggle are arrows in our quiver. Every action has its own importance and causes its own crack in the under-layer of social cohesion. Of course there is a gradation in the risk we will take in every battle in this war and it is a personal choice which ways everybody will get involved. The only sure thing is that we all must consistently support co-completion of a wide range of means and different dialectics in the anarchist movement whose intentions are mass social unrest as well as the transition to communal structures of individual and collective freedom.
In relation to our case (Nea Filadelfia) I want share some of my thoughts:
 Concerning the clandestine condition in which two of my comrades were in (F.H. and A.D.)
The aim of the legal authority, when publishing arrest warrants, is mainly to isolate each anarchist. How the comrades will attempt to break this regime of isolation, does not depend of course only on them, but on all of us who owe to show our factual solidarity, to keep them near us, at a comrade as well as friendly level… !
 After one month of detainment the following sentences contain a critique of our arrest but also for all those who claim the title of the “infallible”
“One mistake was enough for the walls to rise around us, for the days and nights to become smaller and for us to find ourselves hostages…
This is why you who is going forward should look back at your mistakes and the mistakes of the others and use them in order to be one step closer to the continuation of your daily attack! As for you, who simply remains inactive and your concern is spiteful chatter and safe cafeteria critiques about the actions and mistakes of the others, I have one thing to recognize to you – YES! YOU ARE INFALLIBLE! – ”
 I conclude by saying that we remain UNITED and STRONG ready to fight, with whatever means we have, until we tear down every conceivable and real prison.
1st wing Koridallos prisons

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