Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs
 “We roam freely but in quotation marks this is why our eyes are full of explosives
On Thursday 13/6 -and while our comrade K.Sakkas is on his 10th day of hunger strike demanding his immediate release- us four were all there for different cases at the appellate on Loukareos.. During our transfer and our appearance at the appellate there were provocations by the cops of the E.O.M. (special tranfer unit). The “service preformed” by this trash of the EOM is to transfer anarchists as well other dangerous prisoners that might escape.
 During our exit form the appellate and amidst chants from the solidarian comrades, one of us was attacked by the cops. The cowardly cops threw him to the floor of the hallway (10 metres from the transfer van), dragged him to the van while kicking and punching him and put him in the specially shaped cage inside while handcuffed. When we got to Koridallos and after more provocations we attacked the 13 cops of the EOM with whatever we had in front of us (chairs, drawers, ashtrays, telephones, fire extinguishers etc.) destroying at the same time the prisoner receiving room while fending of the cops. It all ended with the intervention of the sergeant together with some prison employees in the role of “balancers”.
Prison is the world of conventions and we at a large degree adjusted to it. Formalities, democratic rights, daily “services”, locking and unlocking, “pleasant” transfers. This narcosis upon which the function of the prisons is based, does not make us forget the hostile role of the people we have in front of us. We on our side will choose the attack when the limits of the dykes of dignity we set for ourselves are surpassed. They should know that in every such move they will find us against them.
Dimitris Politis
Argiris Dalios
Fivos Harisis
Kostas Sakkas

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