A communiqué-appeal from Paola, Francesco ‘Jimmy’ Puglisi’s girlfriend*


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Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

*Translator’s note: Francesco ‘Jimmy’ Puglisi is one of the 10 comrades convicted of ‘devastation and plunder’ by the court of cassation in July 2012, following the revolt that occurred in Genoa, Italy, during the G8 summit of 2001. Francesco, who had been on hiding for almost a year, was unfortunately captured in Barcelona last 4th June.    
We receive and transmit:
Hello, I am Paola, Francesco ‘Jimmy’ Puglisi’s girlfriend. He was recently arrested in Barcelona following the facts of the G8 in Genoa and I want o tell you something important.
I read your article on Jimmy and I’m glad you’re talking about him. I want to add that Jimmy is managing to call me for a few minutes from the prison of Madrid these days. He told me he was going through very difficult circumstances. He was assigned to the anti-terrorism unit, where Alcaida and ETA prisoners are also detained, and is in solitary confinement. He’s doing very bad, is depressed and finds it difficult to eat. He told me that my presence is the only thing that makes him feel better and that I’m the only positive support in this situation.

He let me know that I can go and visit him Saturday 22nd June, they would let me see him. But there is a money problem: the only trains running from Barcelona to Madrid are very expensive luxury trains. I heard it could cost me about 150-euro to go there and come back. I can’t absolutely afford this amount of money because I’m living on a disability pension of 280-euro but I spent it all on June 1 to pay the rent of a room (when Jimmy was still with me).
I ask you all for help as I’m trying to find this money, not only because I want to see him but also because of the difficult and delicate, physical and psychological situation that Jimmy is enduring. In order for me to really help him I must go and visit him so that I can cheer him up.
There would be a cheaper option, the bus, but unfortunately I have to reject it because it’s 8 hours of journey to be done in the night. I can’t face it because I have surgical supports to the spine and I can’t afford sleeping uncomfortably on the bus. I really can’t. Moreover, to make things worse, I would have to do the journey back on the following night or else sleep in a hotel to recover from the journey, but the hotel costs and so we’re back over it again.
So I give you both the bank account details for the money that goes directly to Jimmy and my Postpay card number for the money that will help for my train ticket.
For my journey:
Paola Ferla
Postpay card: 4023 6005 9058 7608
Tax code: FRLPLA82L69i754O (the last figure is a letter)
Thank you so much in any case.
We would like to add that money to Paola should be sent by June 19 so that she can book a seat on the train.
We hope that Jimmy will see Paola and get our warm support! Smash all prisons! Let’s write to him, let’s not let him alone.
Francesco Puglisi
MADRID V Soto del Real
Centro Penitenciario
Carretera Comarcal 611
28791 Soto del Real

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