News summary from greece Counter-information report


1. Anarchist political prisoner Kostas Sakkas continues his hunger strike since June 4th, demanding his immediate release. On June 4th ended the maximum limit for pre trial detainment that can be imposed on a prisoner, accused in cases, which is 30 months. Despite all this, a few days before this limit ended, he was informed that his detainment will continue for another 6 months, without any reason. In solidarity, refusing prison food are Gournas, Kortesis, Koufodinas, Stathopoulos, Syrianos, and Stratoulis. On Monday Sakkas was transferred to Nikea General Hospital in the pathological clinic because of the severity of his health condition. Many solidarity actions are taking place everyday.
2. The courts in Larissa acquitted the 4 comrades prosecuted for a expropriation of a supermarket in February 2009. A crowd of solidarians were present in the court and after the announcement of the decision a spontaneous demo was carried out in the city.
3. On Thursday (20/6) is tried in the court martial of Athens in Rouf, army refuser M.Exioglou. Exiologlou was lead before the prosecutor after arrested and was then kept in custody for two days, and all this after being arrested outside his house on his way to wrok. Exioglou is tried again just 6 months after his December 18th trial where he was sentenced to 4 months, with one year probation with the same charge as the court martial of Larissa. There will be a solidarity gathering outside the courts.
4. On Thusday are tried in Evelpidon Courts the 6 arrestees from the intervention at Propilea against the silencing of the counter-information means. There will be a solidarity gathering.

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