Greece – A comrade is detained and his DNA forcibly taken because of his participation in the struggle against the goldmines in Halkidiki.


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
 Here follows the translation of a communiqué on the detention of a comrade who had his DNA forcibly taken, following the repression concerning the struggle against the goldmines in Halkidiki.

 A few lines about my detention at the police station of Thessaloniki. As I was on the bus today June 19 at 12pm I was approached by two plainclothes policemen of the Political Department. They took me to the police station without telling me why or what was going on. Once I was there I found it out that I was suspected of being involved in an action that took place on May 12 on the mountains of the Halkidiki peninsula. The two policemen wanted to take samples of my DNA. At my refusal, they called for back up, which materialized in the shape of two men wearing balaclavas, who violently pinned me to the floor, restrained me completely and managed to take a sample of my saliva for DNA testing.
I believe that this is due to my support to the social struggle against the construction of a goldmine in the Halkidiki peninsula. This is a social struggle that won’t go back on its steps nor will it be undermined by the false promises of the state and the construction company. A social struggle destined to win.
 Against mining operations that are never to begin, I express my respect towards the inhabitants of the area who are resisting and whom we will support for years to come.
Finally I want to send my solidarity to Giorgos and Vassilis who are in prison, to all the comrades under investigation and to those who are victims of threats and of various creditors.
 Make a fist, we are winning…

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