Switzerland – Anarchist comrade Marco Camenish and revolutionary prisoner Andrea Stauffacher on hunger strike in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah


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Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd
We receive and transmit a communiqué of Marco and Andrea on their hunger strike in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.
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‘I won’t repent or compromise, I’ll continue to resist’.
Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
 We join the appeal for two international days in solidarity with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah on 5th and 6th July 2013, along with ten political prisoners of the organization La Voie Démocratique from Morocco, Kostas Gournas of Revolutionary Struggle and a prisoner of the organization November 17 (both from Greece). Thomas Meyer-Falk already sent his declaration of solidarity with these two days of action, while two prisoners of PC p-m from Siano (Italy) will send their declaration of support. We, Marco Camenish and Andrea Stauffacher, will start a hunger strike from June 30 to July 7.
This is our declaration:

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah’s case is exemplary like that of many revolutionary prisoners who have remained coherent for years and years and for this reason they are not being released in spite of the fact that they finished to serve their sentence. Georges was arrested in 1984 in Lyon (France) as a Lebanese militant of the Lebanese Revolutionary Armed Fraction, and sentenced to life in prison in 1987. He should have been released 14 years ago but his liberation was hampered by French courts because of the growing pressure exercised by the USA and Israel. Here is a quotation from a secret document: ‘On his return to his country he would be celebrated as a hero, also by several movements engaged in revolutionary struggle. He can’t be allowed to be back to the battlefield.’
A battlefield where imperialist forces are being inflicted heavy defeats. Defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan led the USA to change their strategy of war. Away from the TV screen, military intervention in open field and the rearmament of the wars of the substitutes – even including the Talibans and Al-Quaida – are being adopted. Military bases in Europe, like those in Sigonella (Italy) and Stuttgart (Germany) are being rearmed. From these bases unmanned drones are being used as death machines, massive surveillance systems are being presented as legitimate means of protection. They talk about violence only in a context of social revolts or revolutionary struggles, define wars as interventions for peace and proclaim State terrorism as a form of protection of democracy.
Georges ‘can’t be allowed to be back to the battlefield’ where a crisis is intensifying and internal social contradictions are moving towards the resistance of social revolts and revolutionary struggles in an explosive and incontrollable way: in Arab countries, London, Athens, Istanbul and Brazil. According to special parole boards, the institute for the execution of sentences 3 and the direction of forensic-psychological clarifications, Marco Camenish shouldn’t be allowed to be back to the battlefield either. They say that Marco is intelligent, has an important role in the struggle against capitalism, continues to have a view on the world that promotes delinquency, shows a chronic disposition for violence and cultivate social contacts that legitimize violence. The indispensable factor that would lighten his prison sentence: the treatment of these problematic aspects (his view on the world and violent disposition) through therapy and a clear distancing from his social contacts. How right Georges was when he wrote in March this year: ‘Comrades, you must know that when the bourgeois justice system aims at destroying the political identity of a revolutionary prisoner it also aims at hampering the complete critical assessment of his struggle and at criminalizing us.’ Their trick consists in denying the attempts of struggle that have been developing in Europe and in the Middle East in the last two decades. Together, comrades, and only together will we win.
With this initiative we aim at contributing to the development of international struggle as a weapon which can create revolutionary relations, continuity and organization and which can put resistances and struggles in relation in a constructive way.

Marco Camenisch
Andrea Stauffacher


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