Anarchists Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopulos were arrested in Trikala, Greece on Thursday on suspicion of having carried out a bank robbery at a branch of the Piraeus bank.

Police claim that Christos carried out the robbery, forcing bank employees to give him 46,900 euros, which he then, allegedly handed to Alfredo who was waiting outside in a rented car. A witness apparently noted the license plate of the car and gave the cops the information. The cops stopped the car on the road to Kalambaka and claim that they found the money in it. They arrested the two anarchists.

Here is a link to a mainstream news site about it: Ehathimerini. Of course, even this brief a story has to have some distortions. Contrary to what this story says, Alfredo was not “found to be the ideological leader of an armed group” in 2003. The very opposite in fact. This was the end of the Marini trial. Because the prosecutors had failed to prove the existence of any armed group (even determined prosecutors can sometimes find it hard to prove fictions), all charges related to the armed group hypothesis were dropped, leaving only specific concrete actions like robbery. Such distortions though are to be expected of mainstream media.

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