Update on 3rd CCF trial – Athens


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Session 52.

In this session appeared 6 prosecution witnesses, who worked at courier companies which received the parcel bombs. The witnesses mentioned that they were pressured by the anti-terrorist force, in order to also recognize individuals that have nothing to do with the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. After that, the court and more specifically the chairwoman and prosecutor, asked questions about how the parcel bomb for the chancellor of Germany was not detected during the x-ray check, resulting in it reaching the chancellorship in Germany. The employees answered that the way the parcels were made as well the work load, made it easier for the parcel to not be detected and travel by plane to Germany.
Note that this specific parcel was eventually blocked last minute by german cops inside the chancellorship…
  Session 53.
This session was short. Of the two last witnesses only one showed up, who stated that he does not recognize any of the accused. Then, chairwoman prosecutor and lawyers spoke of the summoning of more prosecution witnesses, amongst which is also the head of the antiterrorist.
  Session 54.
 In this session were set legal terms concerning the extension of the pre-trial remand of a comrade of the CCF as well as another accused comrade. Note here that the comrade of the CCF has been on pre-trial remand for 32 months now, when the limit is 18 months (people accused of being part of another organizations in the past were released when the 18 month period ended). This specific comrade of the CCF has served two consecutive remands (the second was imposed on him last year when on hunger strike). Now, therefore he has been imposed by another 6 month extension, characterized as “especially dangerous”. He was also hit with another remand for moral aiding in the case of the Velvendo robberies. The trial was interrupted with the withdrawal of the members of the CCF and the other accused comrades.
  Session 55.
 At the start of the session the members of the CCF “saluted” the bomb attack carried out against the director of Koridallos prisons by the Sole Baleno cell of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. More specifically a comrade of the CCF, who spoke for all members said: “Comrades with this attack we met again. You cancelled our captive condition. You offered us moments of authentic freedom. We were all around the same table again. We discussed, chose a target, planned the operation, attacked, claimed the responsibility… All together complicit in the re-birth of OUR Conspiracy, all together consistent to the promise we gave that this is only the beginning. The Conspiracy Cells of Fire, remains unscathed in our hearts, smiles, in the bullets of our guns. Until the end, for ever… Long live the CCF,  Gangs of Conscience, Sole Baleno cell. Long live the Black International of anarchists of praxis.”
The trial was then interrupted after a demand of the other accused comrades who are not part of the CCF.
  Session 56.
 This session ended before it began. One of the accused comrades who have nothing to do with the CCF is on hunger strike resulting in all the accused comrades refusing participation in the CCF leaving the room. The comrades of the Conspiracy left as well commenting that “anything that sabotages the smooth juridical procedure is accepted.” As they have already declared repeatedly, they do not care about the result of the trial since they remain unrepentant urban anarchist guerillas.
  Session 57.
This session was interrupted for the same reasons. At some point the chairwoman of the court addressing the members of the CCF, asked them about the obstructing of the court “is this how you avenge us?” to receive the answer “this is not revenge, revenge is something completely different… ”
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