Responsibility claim from FAI/IRF for the sending of a parcelbomb to the scumbag commander of the antiterrorist Dimitris Horianopoulos – Greece


Translated by Actforfreedomnow!boubourAs
“Be proud of your actions, because it is through disobedience and insurrection that a bright ray of human beauty is born!
Hello anarchists of praxis!
Hello brothers and sisters!”
 Renzo Novatore
Some thought that we raised a white flag. Some thought we forgot our imprisoned brothers and sisters and sunk in the social swamp, next to the two-legged herd. The bosses, journalists, politicians, society and the ridiculous “anarchists” bureaucrats thought they got rid of us.
For all those, Project Phoenix is a punch in the gut. A punch in the gut because the new anarchist urban guerilla is here and tears down the desires of all these worms to terminate our actions. Old groups are activated and new are created, with the promise to give life to the nightmares of authority and its subjects.
Comrade G.Tsakalos has been held on remand for 32 months when the limit is 18. we do not care about the provisions of the constitution.
We do not desire the cleansing of institutions,we fight for their destruction. We know that the law is a weapon in the hand of dominance, just like we know that our ten imprisoned brothers and sisters will not be liberated with legal procedures.
We believe authority is total of values which in the core is the citizen-mass human, who lies in the muck of stagnation, where everyone forgets their name and responsibilities. But even in this disgust some have a name. One of them is Dimitris Horianopoulos. During his service as a commander of the antoterrorist force, the operation against the r.o. CCF was carried out. Horianopoulos is nothing more than a piece of garbage of the complexity of security and the fact that he has retired does not mean that we forgot him. The same goes for the rest of the scumbags in his department. They should know that they are on the top of the target list of FAI/IRF..
 We take responsibility for the sending of a parcelbomb to the scumbag mentioned above, which was, unfortunately, detected.
We dedicate our attack to the UNREPENTANT  and PROUD  members of the CCF, as well as all imprisoned anarchists of praxis, wherever they are.
 We send our LOVE and RESPECT to all anarcho-individualists, nihilists, and iconoclasts who discovered the fountain of life in attack.
P.S. It was announced that the parcel was ignited after falling down in the post office. The parcel we sent was absolutely safe for anyone not a target. The mechanism activates ONLY if the envelope is opened and not if it falls or gets shaken.
We do not know what happened. The only sure thing is that the package was opened.





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