Italy – With our head held high: Meeting at La Riottosa squat


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

It has always been possible to open gaps in the prisons around the world through revolts, uprisings and escapes. Many times prisoners expressed their anger and followed their vital need for freedom. They refused to go back to the cells, organized uprisings, hold the screws hostages, attacked the police intervened to sedate revolts, escaped…
 Someone takes action in the outside too. By attacking what makes our lives miserable. Any attack makes the prison walls less robust.
 Repression and revolutionary solidarity are topics that we tried to deal with during the meeting held at the Bencivenga squat on June 30. Now we have to focus on what everyone thinks can be further discussed on such occasion, so we decided to organize other meetings.
 The next one will be held at the Riottosa squat in Florence on August 3 at 2pm.
 The first proposal for discussion is attached below.
 To get to the Riottosa, Galluzzo area, Florence: from the train station in Florence, bus 37 or 68, stop at Ponte Bailey; by car, take the direction Firenze Certosa and ask for Ponte Bailey.


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