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Monday 29th March

  • Errikos R., arrested before some days and blamed as a member of Conspiracy of Cells of the Fire, was set free under restrictive terms until his trial. One more case of state’s massive suspects’ creation in the frame of daily repression and terrorism. (watch older updates)
  • Mr Panagopoulos, ‘syndicalist’ leader of GSEE (General Workers’ Confederation of Greece), was attacked in Agrinio town with water and yoghurt by protesters condemning his position of not protecting the workers’ rights. He has also been attacked several times in the past with clashes between the protesters and his body-guards. (watch older updates)
  • Attack to Emporiki Bank at Delfon Street in Thessaloniki late an night. All the front glasses got smashed and many parts of the inner space were looted.

Tuesday 30th March

  • Revolutionary Liberation Action took the responsibility for looting attacks to Agricultural Bank in Kypseli district on 26th of March and to PASOK (‘socialistic’ party on government) offices on 27th of March in Aigaleo district of Athens.
  • Wednesday 31st March

  • Peaceful and mute gathering of Afghan refugees in front of the parliament after the murder of the 15 years old Hamidullah Najafi. The refugees on their announcement call the mass media to stop disturbing the family who lost their son and stop the hypocritical propaganda. They also call the Greek government and the European Union to take their responsibilities and give them rights of war refugees.


Cleaning operation again in athens greece,
on euripidou, sofokleous,and menandrou street,
theres a police broom operation to clean up the buildings
where immigrants live under terrible conditions.


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