>Update on Alexis murderers trial.



A 17 year old eye witness is giving evidence.

The 17 yearold described in court what he saw and heard on the night of the 6th of December,
The 17yearold, who lives in that area, said that on the night he was on Tzavella street with some friends.
At the same spot there were about 10-12 kids, and there was a dispute with the two cops.
The kids were not aggresive against Epaminontas Korkoneas and Vassilis Saraliwtis which were on foot,said the 17 yearold,
saying also that he did not see the cops shoot but heard the shots.
He also mentioned that he did not hear the cops warn them before they shot.
Immediately after the shots, him and his friends ran to the spot where Alexis was laying and pulled him a bit to the side with the help of another kid.
“Alexis was still alive and trying to breathe” he said, and then broke down in tears.
After a small break,in order for the witness to calm down,he mentioned that he saw blood on his hands and lifted Alexis shirt and saw the wounds.
The 17 yearold gave directions as to where the cops were standing, which matches the autopsy report.
His testimony continues.

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